4 Top Awesome and Impressive Animation Examples Motion Graphics

Get acquainted with 4 top, awesome and impressive animation examples (motion graphics) made in California, United States. These days, the market for motion graphics animation and video making in this style is very hot. There are different prices in the market in designing and producing motion graphics video ads according to the quality and details of the work. It should be noted that low-quality motion graphics with poor message transmission have no place in the minds of the audience, and practically clients who are looking to make an animated video ad at a very low price will not see a significant result of the cost they spent. In contrast, brands and businesses that care about the type of presentation, the message conveyed, and the brand sense never goes for cheap animation and always prioritize quality. Because quality can create respect for the audience and a sense of brand confidence.

Now, with this long introduction, we want to go to 4 top, awesome and impressive animation examples (motion graphics) made by Advotisa Creative Agency and see what are the best animated video ads that this team has made for its customers and what are the features of these best ones. Join us to get acquainted with the top 4 top, awesome and impressive animation examples (motion graphics) in CA, USA.

By the way, if you do not know what motion graphics are, be sure to read the relevant article first.

4 Top Animation Video Ads

Project Name: The Flow of Life

Client: Electric Power Distribution Company

Our goal in producing this two-dimensional animation is to show the audience that if you do not have something called Electric Power in your daily life, everything will be changed. In the illustration of this animation, we showed different situations of a person in his/her daily life. In each of these situations, we compared the presence or absence of Electric Power.

We have shown that the lack of electricity makes your life unusual. Therefore, people should be careful about using this energy. Because Electric Power is a completely normal and internalized issue in every person.

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Project Name: IAG

Client: Iranian Aggregate Group

Iranian Aggregate Group is a leading company in the construction industry consisting of 3 other companies. IAG had ordered the production of a video ad for its branding areas and features for its branding department in Iran and abroad.

Therefore, according to the needs and perspectives of IAG, we have produced a fully conceptual 3D motion graphics for them so that we can present to the audience a conceptual and illustrated concept of the future of IAG for equipment, transportation, company building, production of construction materials, mines, machinery and relations with neighboring countries such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, and Syria.

All the elements of the scene were first drawn on paper and sketched. Then we turned them into three-dimensional models and defined the surreal texture and material for them. Finally, we put all the models in mental lighting and space.

Project Name: Solution

Client: Residential Mortgage Solutions

Residential Mortgage Solutions is an Equal Housing Lender in most of the USA’s states. Residential Mortgage Solutions helps people to be qualified as borrowers.

This is a 2D animated video ad to show how people face many obstacles when they want to get a loan. That’s why we select a paper file as a main character that overcomes the obstacles.

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Project Name: The Environment

Client: Electric Power Distribution Company

This two-dimensional animation is made in order to overuse electricity in today’s world and its effect on destroying the beauty of the environment. For this reason, we combined beautiful environmental elements with industrial elements and a bit of exaggeration to see the impact of the overuse of electricity on our environment. In the last plan, this illustration is very visible. Because the girl character has grown up and the tree that was in the first plan has been destroyed. There is no trace of the beauty of nature anymore and the environment has become an industrial city.

I hope you enjoy watching the above motion graphics. If you want to make a video ad like the above samples, be sure to contact us. Our experts will help you to create the best motion graphics video advertising.

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