If you plan to set up a website, you need to know what you need to build and create a website. In this article, we intend to brief you quickly on what we need to design a website. Below you can learn what you need to create your website.

Requirements for Web Design

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Planning to implement a website based on goals
  • Selection of the website system in accordance with the objectives of the client and his budget

Selecting a Domain Name

The domain is an address that we type in browsers to access a site. Google.com, for example, is a domain. Domains consist of domain names and extensions. In the example above, Google is a domain name and .com is a domain extension.  There is a wide range of extensions including Country and corporate extensions. You can choose your site’s extension according to your needs, and if you have a domain name + extension, buy it for one or several years.


Note that if your domain is already reserved by someone, you will not be able to register that domain. So the selection of the domain name should be such that no one has already used that name and extension. Another thing about choosing a domain name is branding. You are visible by the domain name of your website, and this means you must select a good name to provide a suitable domain for it.

Choosing the Right Hosting

The Hosting is the space where information on the Internet should be placed on it. Any software that you want to install on a computer needs space for storing its information. A website is a software that runs on the web and has the space required to run called hosting.


Depending on what system you use for your site, the type of site and its features can vary.

Planning for Website Design

If you need to design a website, you must plan:

  • Why do you design this website?
  • What are your goals of having a website?
  • What features do you want on your website?
  • What kinds of users are your customers on the Internet?
  • What kind of user-friendly website is?
  • What is our budget for website design?


By answering these questions, you can greatly find your goals in creating the website you want.

Selecting Website System or CMS

What system should your website design with? This goes back to your budget and goals and facilities. Currently, one of the best content management systems to run and launch website is WordPress. It’s both inexpensive and simple, and easy to use.

Of course, systems such as WordPress are for those who want to have a typical site with medium features. If you want a site with unique features, you need to order a dedicated web design that costs much more and needs more time than designing a website with WordPress.


In the above, we mention what you need in the web design. You can use the explanations above to find out what you need for the web design.

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