Advertising Is Like a Poison for You If You Do not Follow the Tips Below

As a rule, the content published on a blog owned by an advertising agency should not be so explicit as not to advertise! But since our approach is to increase audience awareness and transfer experiences, there were no obstacles to publishing this text. Here are five tips to help you know that if they happen, your advertising and marketing process in digital space will fail. In this case, it is wise not to waste your money on advertising.

product development advertise

product development advertise

If your product has major drawbacks, do not market!

Problems are not exactly technical bugs. Sometimes the trends and procedures anticipated in your product are unreasonable. Sometimes pricing is not commensurate with the type or size of service. Sometimes an added value is not intended or easily understood by the user. In this case, do not market because they will leave you as quickly as they come to you and the cost of convincing them to return is much higher. We suggest that you do not hurry up and provide your product to the end-user experimentally and in limited numbers. Gather their feedback, refine the system and procedures, and then start your marketing process.



If you lie, do not market!

Sometimes we do not even intend to lie, but in fact, we say our wishes we could not make them come true in reality. Words like two-hour delivery, such a warranty, and the like, should not be promoted if it is not to be achieved or even if the quality you say is not the same as you say.

If you do not have a budget plan for your entire business, do not advertise!

Marketing managers are usually keen to implement a comprehensive marketing plan with creative ideas in startups and companies that will certainly be followed by a significant budget. If you do not divide your budget and capital logically between the different sectors and spend the bulk of your budget with the hope of attracting users, you will soon be failed in marketing and advertising. Just spend most of your budget on marketing, and when you find yourself struggling to pay the next month’s salary to your staff and your employees are not working efficiently or losing motivation, you realize it is not worth it.

If your service capacity is not commensurate with the number of users you want to attract, do not advertise!

When your growth rate in attracting users exceeds your operational speed in delivering services, there is definitely a result and it is nothing but dissatisfaction. There is no need to name some services that have millions of users that advertise widely to win the competition against their competitors. The result is an inability to provide services properly and then face the wave of angry posts and objective comments on social media.



If you do not listen well, do not advertise!

Usually, a small percentage of satisfied customers express their satisfaction on social networks, but a large percentage of dissatisfied customers express their dissatisfaction with more than one medium. Be sure to read the comments posted on social networks and the private messages that are sent. Be sure to solve the problems seriously, inform the complainant of the result and appease the complainant in order to obtain full satisfaction. Otherwise, the cost of attracting him will be lost.

So, What Is the Solution?

You Need Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising. Why?

Before starting, wear glasses!

If your business is over 5 years old, you need to update your information about your country and people a little bit. You’ve definitely noticed that the number of people visiting your shop is less than 5 years ago. Whatever the financial situation, people need the means of living. What changes is the amount of people’s focus on salespeople who adapt to the new situation: they are especially tech-savvy customers.

The reason we say you need to update your information is that your address and phone number, the product you are selling and your brand name should be searchable.

You Need Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising. Why advertising

You Need Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising. Why advertising

It is easy!

No matter how old you are or how much you know about technology and marketing. Available resources are rich in website design, application or social networks. However, if you do not have the time and patience to do so, you can do so with little cost. All you need is a good digital marketing consultant and a few experts to get the project done. Usually, if you find a good consultant, you will also automatically find specialists for the project.

They will know you from anywhere!

The Internet itself is a powerful platform for you without any extra spices. Sometimes a business without a website and social page still has customers from virtual space. because people are talking about it in forums and social networks. However, having a website and social networks helps your brand trust, your main focus should be on getting people to know your products. We have to remember that the best customers are the ones who need your product and sometimes when they realize you have it, they buy from the farthest point of the world.

angry customers vs happy customers.jpg

angry customers vs happy customers.jpg

Be hybrid!

You can also use modern methods without changing your infrastructure. That is, if you have a physical store where you make good money, you do not have to do anything to sell more. Building an online store and selling products in this way does not need to change your current job. As a result, like hybrid cars that use both petrol and electric motors, you can also use the Internet or online sales or marketing as a new force for your business.

The most important advantage: more time, less energy

Like many business owners who refuse to use modern technologies, many shoppers are not eager to do online shopping, despite the fact that most traditional shoppers still use the Internet for parts of the shopping process. For example, many individuals who do not trust online shops simply do not make the final purchase. That is, they inter to these websites, compare items, see specifications, read comments, and then go the store and buy.

customer satisfaction advertise

customer satisfaction advertise

The last word

Entering in digital space can be difficult and even scary for those who have run their business in the traditional way for years. But in the end, anyone who enters this space, even if it fails, has opened the door to a longer life for his business. The fact that the territory of digital space is expanding over time cannot be concealed, so one should think of it as a friend and enter it thoughtfully. To advertise your business, you can count on Advotisa.

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