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SEO and website optimization are a general concept. This word alone cannot represent all the facts about your targeting and strategy. Nowadays the importance of SEO and website optimization has increased. Therefore, the importance of using SEO consulting services is one of the key pillars of search engine optimization. In this article, you will familiar with the affordable SEO consulting services to take your website to the next level.

To better understand this phrase, let’s first take a look at its main meaning, Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing the websites for search engines such as Google. But are search engines your ultimate goal or the users coming to your site? We believe SEO stands for Search Experience Optimization, which means optimizing the user experience when searching. The primary purpose of SEO-related activities is to gain a better position in Google’s results, but our main goal should be to increase the site’s actual audience, which will increase sales or improve the conversion rate. It is here that the role of an SEO consultant emerges and the importance of professional SEO consulting multiplies.

Affordable SEO Consultant for My Small Business in los angeles california usa

Affordable SEO Consultant for My Small Business in los angeles california usa

Affordable SEO Consultant for My Small Business

Experience over the years has taught us that you are the best person to do SEO and content creation if you have good SEO consulting. Advotisa will show you the path to success and pave the way for you. Advotisa provides a range of services that are tailored to your project type, schedule, and budget. The most important are:

  • Identify brand identity, advertising slogan, and corporate color
  • Consulting on identifying the right goals, appropriate to your field of work and type of activity
  • Identify digital marketing strategies to achieve specific goals
  • Prepare proposal and RFP for the website and required facilities
  • Estimate the costs of website setup and internet advertising and comparing it to your business’s earning potential
  • Monitoring the ordering process, contract registration, execution, and presentation of your site design project to verify the accuracy of your work and adhere to SEO and web design standards
  • Planning the content strategy and implementing it on the website based on the type of audience, the subject of the site, and the targeted keywords
  • Providing videos and training courses to enhance the specialized knowledge and performance of your company’s employees
  • Introducing social network marketing strategies and identifying ways to access them
Why you should consult with an SEO Consultant

Why you should consult with an SEO Consultant

Why you should consult with an SEO Consultant?

Often business owners do not know where to start or what strategy to use in order to optimize the search engine and get high rankings. To this end, SEO specialist provides them the required information and explain to them how to do it with regard to their business. By getting SEO consulting from SEO specialists, the people will reach a level that enables them to make their own decisions and choose the best solution. Because the purpose of SEO consultants is to help business owners to improve their business-decision-making.

One of the tips that everybody should consider is that if they do not get good SEO consulting and choose a bad strategy for themselves, their website may be permanently penalized.

When Do We Need SEO Consulting?

You always need an SEO consultant, but the role of the consultant will be different each time. For example, at the beginning of building the website, the SEO consultant can help you in selecting the name, domain name, web design company, web hosting provider company, site features, etc. SEO consultants can offer completely different actions and solutions. Try to have SEO consulting services before starting your website project to create a specific strategy from the beginning on your website.

The Cost of SEO Consulting

Most of the SEO Consulting services are beside the cost of on-page and off-page SEO. Because the first step of the SEO process is to consult with an SEO expert to know your position and your competitors. The cost of SEO consulting varies depending on the status of your site and the performance of your competitors.

SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant

SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant

SEO and Digital Marketing Consultant

SEO consulting is one of the most important SEO activities. SEO Specialists provide consulting services to a variety of businesses. The SEO Specialist has the ability to provide the right solutions for large and small projects in different areas of business by providing professional consulting and decision making in SEO and web design.

In general, it can be said that SEO consulting includes:

  • Web design in accordance with SEO principles
  • SEO techniques
  • Choosing keywords
  • Time to reach the goal
  • Cost to increase website ranking
  • Exploring web content and structure
  • Technical consulting on website development, such as web hosting consulting, redirects, page error, JavaScript usage
  • Content Development
  • Manage online business development campaigns
  • SEO Training

Ask the following questions from SEO consultants

  • Would you show me a sample of an SEO project you have done before?
  • Can you introduce me to the people whom you provide SEO consulting?
  • Do you implement Google Webmaster recommendations?
  • What suggestions do you have for my SEO keywords?
  • How much information and experience you have in my business area?
  • How much do you know about my city or country?
  • What are the most important techniques you want to use to increase my website rankings?
  • How much do you expect this project to take?

The above are just some of the questions that should be answered in SEO consulting in a reasonable manner.

35 Reasonable Expectations from SEO Consultants

35 Reasonable Expectations from SEO Consultants

35 Reasonable Expectations from SEO Consultants

Generally, a comprehensive SEO consulting appointment is provided to website managers in order to familiarize them with the overall SEO strategy. The following is a summary of the activities of the SEO consultants.

  1. Determining and managing your budget for SEO; managing costs and tips on choosing the best route based on your budget.
  2. Get to know your business, your competitors, products, services, customers and audiences.
  3. Optimizing the content structure of web pages, applying keywords in the right space including title, images, text, etc.
  4. Search and analyze target keywords, prioritize and categorize keywords and identify existing potentials, and get results.
  5. Determine the content strategy and structure of the web pages, determine the appropriate landing pages for the target keywords.
  6. Rewrite title and page descriptions and combine targeted phrases to attract users’ attention and increase click rates in search results.
  7. Identify 10 keywords to target in various site spaces including homepage, categories, and articles.
  8. Improve website UI, increase page views per user and reduce exit rate.
  9. Identify and fix common website errors such as Page Optimization 404, Redirect 301 and 302, Google Page Access Errors, Duplicate Content, Txt File Troubleshooting, Site Map Checking, Detecting Broken Links on the Site, Checking the Speed and Mobile Content of the Site, Checking Browsers and Different screen sizes.
  10. Implement local SEO techniques, insert on Google map and correctly define your social networks and contacts.
  11. Define a roadmap for targeting content creation
  12. Reviewing the competitors’ success and modeling techniques employed by SEO consulting.
  13. identify opportunities and threats ahead, accurate knowledge of Google’s algorithms, and techniques that can penalize a website.
  14. Guaranty for website optimization for both the user and the search engine.
  15. Create useful content, identifying topics and articles that have not received much attention in your job market.
  16. Propose appropriate text for buttons and banners and an accurate definition of a call to action on the site tailored to your goals.
  17. Have adequate knowledge of standard content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
  18. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS coding commands.
How to Find a Good SEO Consultant or SEO Consultant Agencies The Best SEO Consultant in California

How to Find a Good SEO Consultant or SEO Consultant Agencies The Best SEO Consultant in California

  1. Familiarity with standards and important factors in designing an online store, shopping cart, and product page.
  2. Get familiar with SEO tools like Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.
  3. Design the right structure for internal link building and how to link important pages together.
  4. Determine the external link building strategy
  5. Website menu optimization, sidebar, footer, and internal access paths.
  6. Determine the page address structure and how keywords are used in the page address.
  7. Determine the appropriate KPI to estimate site performance and achieve goals.
  8. Provide monthly reports of SEO.
  9. Optimize your account on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.
  10. How to publish content on public channels such as video sharing services, email newsletters, and social media.
  11. Observe the basic standards of branding on the web and how you introduce yourself to search engines.
  12. Check the status of your host and domain in terms of quality and impact on site performance.
  13. Banner advertising and click advertising campaigns.
  14. Web design or redesign, change your domain or host.
  15. Answer your questions and ambiguities with comprehensible and concise literature without the use of complex and summarized terms.
  16. Specify a roadmap, conclusion times, and estimates of your time and success.
  17. Not guaranteeing Google a top-ranking or reaching a certain number of hits, but also ensuring that the principles and standards are approved.

How to Find a Good SEO Consultant or SEO Consultant Agencies?

There are some tips you should consider when you want to find a good SEO consultant or SEO consultant agency. You can ask for a recommendation from social media or friends who have used SEO consulting services. You can also look for local SEO consultants in your area. Moreover, you can read SEO Blogs to find good SEO Agencies.

The Best SEO Consultant in California

Advotisa is an SEO company that provides a wide variety of SEO services such as SEO consulting services. For more information, you can contact us.

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