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How to Convert Vagrant Customers on Google into Customers?

Increasing the conversion rate is appealing to all Internet businesses, there are several ways to do this. According to the Goal Pyramid, which was first introduced by Matthew Michalewicz, minifying big goals into smaller ones (such as increasing traffic, increasing customer conversion rates, increasing sales, etc.) that are easier to achieve, will eventually lead to reaching the main goal.

On many Internet websites, the goal is only to gain a position in Google’s results and improve SEO, but it’s just the beginning of content marketing. Even if we rank first in Google results, we can attract more users to our website with a few simple changes to the title and description of the pages. After attracting the user, we will have another task, which is to convert the user into a customer. If you leave the users to be your customers, you will probably have a low conversion rate. In this article, we try to increase the user’s conversion rate first.

Effect of choosing the proper title on increasing the click rate

Effect of choosing the proper title on increasing the click rate

The first thing users see on the website or Google results is the title, product, or page; therefore, the title you choose for the text has the greatest impact on the formation of the user’s basic mindset. In addition, the title plays an important role in encouraging users to click on the link and engage them with the page. Because of the great importance of the title, we start by introducing methods for making the title more attractive.

  • Specify exactly the subject of the article

According to statistics, titles that directly address the reader clearly or openly tell the audience what is waiting for him have the advantage to act better. The following article, for example, explicitly addresses the user:

What is the mobile-first index? What impact will it have on the SEO in 2019?

  • Using positives verbs and adjectives

One of the worst things to do when choosing a title for a post is the use of verbs and adjectives that send a negative sense to the user. The better way is to spend a little more time and use proper adjectives and verbs. For example, the title “10 ways to get better in driving” is not as attractive as the author could have chosen a better title, such as ” How to become professional in driving in 10 steps?”

Or, for example, you may write as an article “How to overcome our self-driving fears?” Which should be written, “10 Simple Techniques to Increase Self-confidence in Driving.”


  • Using various verbs

It’s better to use verbs when choosing the title of the page to encourage the user to do something.

  • Addressing the reader

Address the reader directly with words like “you,” or “for you” wherever possible in the title and text that is available. By this, the user will be more involved with the topic.

  • Using numbers in the title of the article

Using numbers in the title of the article is one of the most common tricks for attracting user attention. Statistical research has shown that adding a number to title increases the click rate. The reason is obvious because users prefer the number to the text! For example, instead of writing “How to increase the speed of the website?”, We can say: “15 simple techniques to increase the speed of the website.”

The title used in this article is one example of using the number to attract users’ attention.


  • Asking user

This stimulates the audience’s curiosity and encourages him to respond promptly. This stimulates the audience’s curiosity and encourages him to find the answer promptly. If your question exactly points to a question that the user always asks himself, your click rate will increase dramatically as he will recognize that you have identified and responded to your exact need.

  • Using the words that users prefer

Some phrases play a key role in attracting the attention of users when searching. For example, titles that include phrases like quick, how, why, method, technique, free, and so on, have a lot more chance for being clicked.

Techniques of increasing conversion rate

So far, we have talked about ways to optimize the titles. Good titles will increase the click rate and traffic, but what about the content of the page? Our goal is not just to log in to the website or a specific page. In the next step, we need to try to convert more of these visitors to the customer.

  • Choose a title that represents the content
  • Write the most valuable part of the content at the beginning
  • Encourage the user to stay on the page
  • Use Call to Action
  • Do not use passive verbs
  • Online conversation with users

conversion rate optimization

If you want more information about attracting more customers,

read the following article: attracting customers through the website.


Observance of standards and learning SEO alone cannot make you successful. To get a better result, you should apply marketing techniques and customer behavior. Success in content marketing is not possible without difficulty. Finally, with every mistake, you are one step closer to creating better content. Using these techniques requires experience and analysis. You should test each of them in parts of your website and use the results to improve other sectors. We hope that this article will be useful for increasing the conversion rates.

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