E commerce SEO Strategies Tips to Improve Traffic

In this article, we are going to examine how we can optimize an E-commerce website? Yes, online shopping website optimization. Many clients have this problem with online shopping websites and they are all looking to know how to optimize an E-commerce website? In this section, we will describe the key points regarding E-commerce SEO strategies for an online shopping website. In this article, I try to cover this issue from all angles. So join us.

E-commerce website optimization

online shopping website optimization is not an easy task, you need some suitable strategies to do SEO. Implementing these strategies is both time-consuming and specialized, which we try to point out and explain the relevant strategies for you as much as possible.

SEO Strategies for an Online Shopping Website

In order to be able to optimize our website, we must make the right and purposeful plan, like any other work, which here we call this plan for website optimization, SEO strategy for an online website. This strategy is divided into the following strategies:

  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Link Building Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Strategy for Choosing the Right Keywords for Each Article

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SEO Strategies for an Online Shopping Website

SEO Strategies for an Online Shopping Website

Content Creation in E-Commerce SEO

If you still do not know information about content creation and content marketing, you can get the necessary information by clicking on the following articles and then read the rest of the article:

Of course, for those who do not have the desire to read a lot of content, I have to say that I mean by content creation is that you create content on your site so that your audience is attracted to the website and this attraction leads to more sales.

Create the Right SEO Strategies

In order to be successful in content creation, you need to have the right content creation strategy. To pick this strategy, you must first get complete information about your audience (audience persona). What is their gender? What are their interests? Which age group spends the most time on your content? Etc. After finding complete information about the audience who are more likely to become your customers, you should see what content you can create for your e-commerce website.

Complete Product Information

Online Shopping websites offer a range of product descriptions that you should create. I have seen in many websites that to sell a product only by writing its name, uploading a photo, and a very short description to the audience and expect to increase their online sales in this way. To sell a product, you must research about it as much as you can and tell the audience a lot about the product, how to use it, country of manufacture, manufacturer, where this product is used, what features it has, and what are their categories and So on.

Laziness in Content Creation Means Failure in Online Sales

You might say, “Oh, if I have a hundred products and I can’t collect so much information for all of them!” This will keep you away from your desire results. If you want to sell something online, you have to explain it in general. Take photos of the product from different angles.

Link Building Strategy in ECommerce SEO

Link Building Strategy in ECommerce SEO

Conclusions about Content Strategy in E-commerce SEO

Therefore, in a content creation strategy, you should give your audience as much information about the product as you can. No matter what kind of information you create for them in the format of the text, video, or image. The more complete your information, the more likely you are to sell and the more impact it will have on your e-commerce SEO.

Link Building Strategy in ECommerce SEO

External links are very important in giving credibility to the website. If these links are provided to our website from important websites and sources, the website will be more reputable and will appear higher in search results. But even this link building should be with the knowledge of search engine algorithms and familiarity with the correct link building method. If you make a mistake in this strategy, your website will be removed from searches instead of being visible more. In this regard, I suggest that you first read the articles related to link building: THE MAGIC OF LINK BUILDING TO GROW WEBSITE TRAFFIC FOR SEO.

In these articles, you will get acquainted with the correct methods of link building. We need to choose the right strategy for e-commerce websites. We need to choose the right strategy for e-commerce websites. Before we know what to do, let’s first look at what kind of link building Google penalizes:

  1. Get backlinks from external sites
  2. Get backlinks from pages that have a lot of links (link farm)
  3. Get backlinks from spam sites
  4. Get backlinks from sites with low authority
  5. Get backlinks with just one specific word!
  6. Get backlinks only for a series of important pages!

Let us explain a little about the above:

1. Google says that when your website is English, getting backlinks from a Chinese website is unusual and seems completely fake. Therefore, when you get backlinks from an external website, you increase the likelihood of doing fake work on your website and Google realizes this quickly. So, try to get backlinks from the English language website.

2- Getting backlinks in the comments section is one of the items in the link farm. Link farm means that you get backlinks from a page that links to dozens of other sites besides your website. Links like this are useless and are often considered spam.

3- Spam sites are websites where a lot of backlinks can be created. Websites with high outbound links are usually known as spam. One of the most common spam sites is free to link building websites that by exchanging your link you put their link on your website and after filling out the form your link will be placed on their website.

4- Try to get your backlinks from strong websites. Strong websites have a high authority score. If these websites are related to your business topic, that is much better. Forget getting backlinks from weak sites!

5. Link building should look natural! Google pays attention to a criterion for linking to a page, which is link building. But in this criterion, its algorithm is that these link building should be done by different users and not one user (who is usually your SEO Strategist). How does Google recognize this? When an article is going to be published by countless users, they each share the news in the way they like, and this is perfectly normal. But most SEO Executives share content with a specific title and only give backlinks to the site with a keyword, and this is the biggest mistake in the history of SEO!

6. Suppose you have 100 indexed pages. What happens if you build backlinks for only 1 main page of the website? Google finds out that your website is building fake linking and will penalize you. If you want to build backlinks, you must do link building for all pages. Build more links for more important pages and less for less important ones.

Social Media Strategy in ECommerce SEO

Social Media Strategy in ECommerce SEO

Social Media Strategy in ECommerce SEO

In the social media strategy for e-commerce SEO, we pursue two goals:

  • Create social network signals
  • Get social media views for web pages and contents

What are Social Media Signals?

Google and other search engines have an interesting algorithm for giving a proper position to a series of pages! That is the rate at which an article is published on social media. The more an article is shared among social media users, the more users are interested in it, and the more Google display that article to users are most interested in. As much as you can publish your content on various profiles and pages of social networks with the page link to strengthen your social network signals.

Get Traffic from Social Media

One of the most important factors in SEO of a website is its traffic. The more traffic you get, the more you will see in the search results than your competitors. One of the best ways to increase website traffic is to publish content on social networks that have several followers in their profiles, and by publishing their content, show interest in the content and click on the content link.

The Strategy of Choosing the Right Keywords

The Strategy of Choosing the Right Keywords

The Strategy of Choosing the Right Keywords

You can get more traffic to your article by choosing the right keywords. So, the important question is how to determine what words to use for the title of the article: I will give only one answer! From Google itself !!!

To choose the title of your article or product, you can first do a Google search for what comes to mind. Then see what titles the competitors have chosen for themselves and what descriptions they have given for their titles. Use them to write titles and initial descriptions of your article! Of course, be careful to not copy them exactly!! To better understand keyword selection, you can read KEYWORD ANALYSIS FOR SEO STRATEGY: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE.

I hope by reading this article you have been able to get a better understanding of E-commerce SEO. Of course, you should keep in mind that e-commerce websites are ones that need branding and advertising for more sales. Therefore, E-commerce SEO is one of the most effective factors in selling more, but it is not the only necessary one. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business, including marketing, branding, sales, customer support, content creation, and more.

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