One of the customers’ requests from website administrators is the high website visit and feedback from the website by users. In this article, we intend to introduce new SEO techniques that increase the traffic of websites:

Increasing Traffic with Keywords

Increasing site visits and users who view the website have a variety of ways. One of these methods is doing SEO with keywords. The keywords you choose should not be single words and, as far as possible, they should be words that are less likely to compete.

So you can get the best result from SEO.

Site administrators increase the website’s traffic by identifying and analyzing these keywords and placing words on the website in a suitable method.


Creative Content Creation

Another technique to increase website visits is to properly create content on the website. Try to always be creative in content creation. Your website content is a sign of your website’s business and prestige.

When the users come into your site, they first look at the first lines of your website, posts, and articles. So good new content can have a great impact on website traffic.

Website Optimization

Optimizing Web pages is that you Improve site’s rankings in the results of a great search engine and you can have the most traffic. The importance of this is that most people use search engines to reach their content or product. You need to know what your business most about what the users are searching for and how to optimize your site.


Knowledge of search engine optimization is about technical techniques such as:

  • proper page titles
  • tags and meta tags
  • keywords and key phrases
  • appropriate site descriptions
  • content that search engines like

In general, all activities that must be performed on and outside the website so that the search engine can recognize your website and improve your site’s ranks.

One of the things that search engine specialists do is to keep track of all the changes to the search engines. So they can optimize web pages based on these changes. Additionally, they change the website according to the search engine changes.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO includes the optimal design of the website, the internal structure of the website, the content of the website, the images and everything you upload on your website.

In doing on page SEO, you need to optimize all of the above, based on Google’s rules, so Google’s search engine can easily check your website and offer your site to search engines. The on-page SEO is the main part of the SEO.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO is referred to as all operations outside of your website in order to improve your website ranking in Google’s search engine results.

Unlike on-page SEO, which is entirely under the control of webmasters, it is under a very low level of control and should be done indefinitely and with great care.

Black/White Hat SEO

A white or white hat SEO is referred to doing SEO in accordance with the rules declared by search engines. Usually, in this method, time and cost will be spent more and this is the correct method in SEO.

Black or black hat SEO is referred to using several techniques that are obtained by tricking search engines into temporary ranks which results in the removal of the website from Google’s search engine.

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