sIn this article, we are going to introduce some examples of motion graphics. There are great examples to determine the level of motion graphics, in our opinion, these graphics are all at levels B and C.

The purpose of showing these video ads is to make it easier for you to see the differences between these motion graphics and compare them with others.

For those who aren’t familiar with motion graphics, the question may be, what is a motion graphics? To understand this, I suggest reading the Motion Graphics article first and then looking at the examples below.




The brief introduction to motion graphics

In short, motion graphics means moving and animating graphics. Motion graphics, often made in two-dimensional form, are very popular in advertising and introducing services or products. One of the most important uses of motion graphics in advertising is that today’s brands and small and large businesses are using this technique to promote their business.

If you are eager to know more about the impact of motion graphics and Its benefits on business, you can read the article below.


Examples of Motion Graphics Video Ads

Below are examples of motion graphics made by companies. It should be noted that all the videos you see below can be made by Advotisa.

A Brief History of Coffee (2D Animation Motion Graphics)

This is an example of 2d motion graphics to introduce briefly the history of coffee. In 35 seconds, you will get the information about the history of coffee. That is the magic of motion graphics that show you content in less time.

B’Coffee Advertising

This motion graphics video ad is produced for the B’Coffee brand. This video is for a coffee shop that serves you with any kind of high-quality coffee anywhere and anytime you want.

Dynamic Ads (2D Animation Motion Graphics)

This is a kind of 2d animation motion graphics which is for introducing the daily life of a businesswoman.

McDonalds video ad

This is a motion graphics video ad that is produced for McDonald’s restaurants to inform people what they serve.

Visitnesia Motion graphics Video Advertisement

This is an example of the tour agency video ads with motion graphics. Visitnesia is a tour and travel agency that will help you to travel and take a trip to interesting places in Indonesia. Visitnesia has many tour packages for your family and friends for different occasions such as summer vacation, Honeymoon, graduation and more.

Slack Motion Graphics Video Ad

The Slack platform is a communication platform designed to meet all the needs of a communication workflow. The interesting thing about this platform is that it can update and integrate with your capabilities every day. This platform is available to you as an app and is available for free as long as you use a limited number of people for your corporate communications.

Slack’s motion graphics video shows you how to communicate more effectively with this platform.

Google Cloud IoT Motion Graphics Video Ad

The Google Cloud IoT platform allows you to obtain the data flow required by Cloud Dataflow, an integrated programming model. The platform uses Internet-enabled sensors to retrieve targeted information stored in the cloud. In the Motion Graphics video, you will better understand how this platform works. Watch and enjoy it.

Instagram Motion Graphics Video Ad

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social network that allows its users to upload their photos and videos to other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Flickr. Users can also use digital filters for their photos. The following video shows you how to work with this app.

Deloitte Motion Graphics Video Ad

Deloitte is a robust consultancy providing comprehensive information on solutions designed to enhance the performance of companies and organizations to achieve their goals. The following video shows you how Deloitte helps you to strategically manage your subsidiaries and activities to achieve your goals.

CISCO Motion Graphics Video Ad

With CISCO you can transform your healthcare with the digital world! On Cisco’s platform, patients, doctors, and medical records are connected to increase accessibility, quality, and productivity.

The video below shows how Cisco is leading the industry with innovative solutions aimed at a healthier society.

Tracto Motion Graphics Video Ad

Tracto is an encrypted platform for client-to-client transactions that allows you to experience a secure, instant and completely private transaction experience. Tracto is designed to lower crime rates and offenses in online business transactions. In the video below, you can see how secure transactions are handled with Tracto with the lowest payout percentage.

Gemalto Motion Graphics Video Ad

Gemalto is a platform for using technologies that need to be identified. Many public and private websites need to be identified after registering to use the facilities. The following video shows how the operation was optimized by Gemalto.

Meltwater Motion Graphics Video Ad

MeltWater is a broadcast monitoring platform that enables businesses to improve their industry by tracking, analyzing entries, online coverage, and social networks. In the following video, you can see how you can do this with Meltwater.

Zendo Motion Graphics Video Ad

The Zendo platform offers solutions to monitor, protect and improve your home security. Zendo is a home security automation that gives you all the things you need to know about your home security on one platform. In the promotional video below you will see how Zendo will help you protect your home.

PayPal Motion Graphics Video Ad

PayPal is an American company with a worldwide payment system that almost the majority of the world works with this system. In the Motion Graphics example below, you’ll see how PayPal offers secure and easy ways to pay online.

RENAS Motion Graphics Video Ad

RENAS is one of the platforms in the field of environment protection and conservation. The platform seeks to help the environment by saving and packing, recycling and delivering practical solutions to save the environment and cost. In the motion graphics video below you will see how RENAS helps protect the environment.

JOBBER Motion Graphics Video Ad

The Jobber program helps you manage and organize your employees and the tasks you assign them. The Jobber lets you keep in touch with your employees, give them tasks and control the tasks entrusted to them. The following motion graphics video will show you how Jobber helps you manage your business easily.

Brightpearl Motion Graphics Video Ad

Brightpearl is a warehouse and sales management program for medium and small online stores.

This platform tries to control the sales and gender of the warehouse to make it easier to determine the value of existing goods and the number of sales.

In the following, you’ll see how Brightpearl helps you manage your store and warehouse.

MES ICT Video Ad

MES ICT solutions have been developed to evaluate the status of manufactured products and are presented to the target audience as an app. These solutions are designed to analyze the performance of production operations to reduce production weaknesses and save costs. The following motion graphics video ad shows how these solutions affect the production process.

Dropbox Video Ad

Dropbox is a hosting service that, with its cloud storage, is a safe place to store your audience’s personal files. In the video below, you’ll see how Dropbox helps you save your files online and make better use of your hard disk space.

Motion Graphics Solution for Business Development

The above motion graphics videos were displayed to familiarize you with the process of motion graphics animation and its quality. You’ve seen that different brands and businesses around the world are trying to show their performance and advantages to the audience by making motion graphics. In Motion Graphics above you saw that both brands and startups were trying their best to make motion graphics.

If you are looking to create motion graphics of this quality and detail you can contact Advotisa. At Advotisa, we can make your custom videos in the highest quality possible.

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