Google Maps SEO Optimizing Maps to Rank at the Top

Before explaining about Google Maps SEO, you need to know that signing up your business on Google Maps can help you in local searches. What does this mean? This means, if you can register your business location on a Google Maps, it is possible that those who search for your services and who are closest to you will find you ahead of others as a result!

If you have not done so, you can register your business on Google Maps. After registering your business on Google Maps, there will be competition among businesses in one area.

Have you ever searched for a specific service, and after one or two results, and sometimes at the very beginning, you will face the Google Maps that shows you three businesses?

Google Maps SEO

Google Maps SEO

Google Maps 

Google Maps SEO is referred to as placing your website at the to of the Google Maps results based on your keywords. Google Maps SEO is one of the most popular solutions for those businesses that compete for SEO. Ranking at the top of the Google Maps SEO is one of the local SEO pillars. But now, there is a question among the business owners. What are the most important criteria for displaying a business on the top of Google Maps? In this section, we intend to introduce simple but important metrics that, if you do this, can greatly influence your business’s Google Maps SEO.

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps?

The main factors for ranking your business on Google Maps are:

  • Having unique NAP (name, address, phone) in directories and social networks
  • Inserting NAP on the header or the website’s footer
  • NAP presence on the contact page
  • Use the Google Maps iframe to display the map on our contact page
  • Use Review and giving stars to businesses by various Google accounts
How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

Other factors that can affect your Google Maps:

  • Domain Age
  • The number and strength of the backlinks to the website

Note that the changes you make sometimes take a month to display the result on Google. If you are looking for a Google Map SEO, you can contact our SEO department. We will bring you to the top of the Google Maps results.

Best Google Maps Techniques

  1. Choose the Right Business Category: Try to carefully choose the categories and note that all categories should be relevant to your product or service.
  2. A physical address in the city: The ideal condition is that you are in the same city as people are searching for your business.
  3. Match your URLs and phone numbers on the web: How can Google recognize that your business is real? The answer to this question is simple; by matching the list of all your addresses and phone numbers on the web.
  4. Quality and validation of addresses: The more valid the website speaks about your address and phone, the better the result you get.
  5. Match the address and your website: Google searches for the address and the phone of the website and verifies its accuracy.
  6. Website Ranking: Your website should also have a rank. How long has your website been ranked high on Google search results? The website ranking should be high.
  7. Quality of links to your website: Google measures the quality of the links that connect to your website and ranks them.
  8. Add a city and country in the homepage title: Add the city and country name in the homepage title.
  9. Proximity to the Google city marker: Type your city name, Google will choose a location by default in the city; the closer you are to the area, the better the result.
Best Google Maps SEO Techniques

Best Google Maps SEO Techniques

  1. The number of reviews: Another important factor in ranking high, the number of reviews and your visits.
  2. Your Google Special comments: The number of comments and views that come from Google seems to be more important.
  3. Keywords of products and services in the business title. Write a keyword pair in the title of your website.
  4. The number of links got from local websites: Try to get your reviews and comments from the local websites in your city.
  5. Proximity to the searcher: Another important factor is the proximity to the searcher.
  6. The number of links got from related websites: Links from websites that are relevant to your business are more influential.
  7. Add the name of the “City and Province” to many title tags on the website. In the title of each page enter the name of the city and province.
  8. The number of third-party reviews: Number of reviews on other websites, such as Yelp,, etc.
  9. Add a Google Earth KML file and the GEO Symbol for the Sitemap. You need to add a KML file to attract Google Earth users.
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