How Can I Advertise My Business or Brand on Instagram

Every time we want to find an answer to our question, we search on the net at first. Then we ask our friends and acquaintances to get more information. This can occur when we want to advertise our business or brand especially Instagram ads. But are all our findings reliable and valid?

That is why I wrote this article to show you my experience.

In this article, I want to describe a real experience. From the efforts, I have made since the beginning of this year to advertise on Instagram until I finally achieved the result.

Instagram Ads

We can advertise on Instagram in many ways such as:

  • Instagram Sponsored Ads
  • Ads on Instagram pages with lots of followers (influencers)
  • Run a Sponsored Instagram Contest
  • Run An Instagram Contest
Instagram Sponsored Ads Advotisa Advertising Agency

Instagram Sponsored Ads Advotisa Advertising Agency

Instagram Sponsored Ads

Instagram Sponsored Ads are very purposeful and result-oriented. Anyone who uses this model of advertising should be confident that the ad is displayed just for those who search for such content. Why do I say this method is purposeful? Because we can target the user based on age, gender, country, interests, and other parameters. We can also manage the advertising budget, and since the ads are sent by Instagram itself, we are sure that our budget will not be spent on showing ads to fake users!

First, I will explain the experiences and challenges I gained and faced during this period, and then I will express my conclusion and result in Instagram sponsored ads.

The challenges I faced are:

Challenge 1: Successfully build an Instagram sponsored ad or promotion

If we want to have more features and access to promote on Instagram, we must use a Facebook business account and create a dedicated Ads manager for ourselves. In the next step, I added the bank card to the payments section. The bank card should preferably be a Visa card. Now everything was ready for me to launch the first promotion.

Successfully build an Instagram sponsored ad or promotion advotisa

Successfully build an Instagram sponsored ad or promotion advotisa

This was the first Instagram sponsored ad campaign I created. So if you want to show your product, service, or Instagram post to foreigners, all you have to do is do it through your Facebook business account. I can say that this is the best way that a person can hear the sound of his product to a foreigner at a low cost and purposefully. (Of course, methods like Google AdWords advertising is using).

Challenge 2: Target compatriot users in Instagram sponsored ads

Well, so far I have been able to successfully create a campaign and target other countries. But our next challenge was: How do I target my country and other compatriot users?

I tried hard to find the answer to my second challenge. Then, I searched the web and found an article that said use your mobile number to target compatriot users. I entered the Facebook panel and saw that there is a section in the Target audience menu that can be used to target the user with a mobile number and email.

So my next challenge was where I can find my compatriot’s mobile number. The first thing that came to my mind was to buy the mobile number database of compatriot users. I did this and bought about 5 million mobile numbers. But I did not use them. Because I was going to attend an event that week with people active in the field of digital marketing.

At that event, I found a situation to find my answer.

Target compatriot users in Instagram sponsored ads

Target compatriot users in Instagram sponsored ads

What is my solution?

Besides the mobile number database of compatriot users, if you have an Instagram page, in the Facebook panel, and in the section on selecting contacts or the same Target Audience, you can make the ad appear for people who have been engaged with your page in the last 365 days. This way, you can target those who like your post even once but are not your followers.

Ads on Instagram pages with lots of followers (influencers)

In the last few days, I have advertised several times on the big Instagram pages, most of which had over 1 million followers. The point is, you should not expect too much feedback and return on your ads. You should not even expect to get a lot of followers.

You must be wondering how to advertise to be profitable?

In general, all kinds of ads on Instagram are good, and each one helps you to become a brand in a different way. The point is that you have to know some tips in advertising on Instagram pages.

Ads on Instagram pages with lots of followers influencers

Ads on Instagram pages with lots of followers influencers

Here are the tips:

  • How much is your budget?
  • Using influencer marketing if you have a large business
  • Finding a good page with a high engagement rate
  • I will teach you a simple way to recognize the authenticity and falsity of its followers on every page you see. Just multiply the number of followers of a page by 16%. Simply put, you should know that 16% of your followers like your posts.
  • Sometimes some Instagram pages, in addition to followers, also buy likes for their posts. Therefore, check the list of their followers to see if most of their followers are without photos. If so, this is a fake page. Do not even trust video views. Because video viewing can also be purchased.
  • You need to advertise on a specialized page that has a specific field of activity and works in a specific field. This will make your ads more targeted. For example, if your activity is in the field of photography, it is better to look for a page in this field. You cannot advertise and earn on the page where the cooking is taught.
  • Ask all pages about their insight to show you the results.
  • You can use 3 types of ads on Instagram: Banner ads, Video ads, and Story ads.
  • Banner ads are an attractive banner that advertising rate is calculated on an hourly basis.
  • The video ad rate is calculated on an hourly basis or based on views.
  • Story ad rates vary for every 24 hours. These ads are suitable for those who have products for sale or want the target audience to visit their website.


Banner ads Video ads and Story ads on imstagram advotisa

Banner ads Video ads and Story ads on imstagram advotisa

In order to be able to sell your products or services on Instagram, you first need to increase your followers on Instagram. Because as your followers increase, they are more likely to become your customers. And there are many ways to increase followers on Instagram. As you can see, the price of advertising on the big pages of Instagram is not high at all. But it is really important to use a good and appropriate page for advertising. In any business, you are in and with any budget, there are definitely very good pages for you through which you can advertise on Instagram. But if you are confused and do not know which one to choose, pick up the phone right now and call Advotisa.

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Run a Sponsored Instagram Contest

Have you ever considered running a sponsored Instagram Contest? Would you like to have more views on Instagram? Have you ever had the experience of running a contest using ads on Instagram as well as Instagram sponsored ads? Sponsors of Instagram contests can take many forms. For example, they can pay to support the entire cash contest or take on only part of the prize. Anyway, they increase the value of your contest prize, which allows more people to win the lottery.

Run an Instagram Contest

There are various contests on Instagram, each of which has a good return for certain types of businesses. We have three types of Instagram contests:

  1. Like to win the contest!
  2. Share posts with a special hashtag!
  3. Ask users to send you an email address
Run an Instagram Contest

Run an Instagram Contest

The first type is the most common type of contest. This will increases the interaction of your post.

Another attractive and professional way to conduct a successful Instagram contest is to use a special hashtag. In this method, you must select a dedicated hashtag for your contest and ask users to share their photos or video with that hashtag. You should note that this hashtag is appropriate for the type of contest and your brand should be clear in it! This method has many advantages, but the most important is branding. Because when a large number of users share the hashtag you want, a large number of users will see it and enter your Instagram page.

Another way to run a contest on Instagram is to request emails from users! This method is suitable for businesses that want to complete their email list. To do this, you can create a page on your site to receive users’ emails, then place the link in the bio section and ask users to enter the link in the bio to enter the contest and enter their email.  Then draw lots between the same emails you receive and give the prize to the winner. You can also give everyone involved a discount code to buy your business product or service.

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