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In the era of increased online and digital competition, learning how to strategically grow your online small business can seem overwhelming. Advotisa has gathered simple ways that you can grow your online small business in 2019. In this article, you will learn about guidance and tips to grow your small business faster.

Looking to grow your online small business online in 2019? As a small business owner, if you are just starting an online startup, then you cannot afford to waste time and money. Only since your business is small, that does not mean you are not able to think big.

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Share information about yourself and your small business

Every business has its own story and characteristics made them unique. You have to share information about yourself and your business with digital channels such as social media and website. Therefore, your target customers will familiar with you, consequently, this creates trust.

Useful & Practical Content

You should post useful and practical content that is firstly relevant to your business and then it can be shareable through your digital channels including blog, homepage, social media pages or even product/service pages. You should always create content that can be applied to your customers’ life and also create an immediate connection to your products. This will build a resource for readers and my transform them to be your clients.

Host an event

You can host an event that encourages local community members and leaders to see your space in person. This will make them know your small business more and the next time they need the services or products you offer, they will choose you. This will result in increasing brand affinity.


Social Media

Social networks can be the best friend of any small or large businesses. Social media help to make your brand memorable in a freeway.

Allocate part of your income to charity

Provide products and services that you can allocate a part of your income to a charitable organization. This will increase customers and help your community.

Set up customer loyalty programs

All your customers must feel that they get the best deal through purchasing from you. Your customers need to know what benefits they will get from their next purchase. Therefore, there should be a customer loyalty program.

Continues presence on the Internet

This can be achieved within a website. Not only this will not result in a strong and powerful digital footprint, but also it will waste your time and money. At first, you should have a professional web design with a proper domain name. Then you need a clean website with relevant content.

Train your target customers

Educate and train your target customers with detailed information about the features and benefits of your product or service. For example, if you produce organic fruit juice, you can educate them with the difference between organic and nonorganic products, the disadvantages of nonorganic products for body health, production cycle and machines of both kinds and more.

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Collection and maintenance of customer data

It’s better to have your customer’s information by providing a simple form to them and ask them to send new products news by email. This makes it easy to keep a relationship with the customers who once bought you.

Online small businesses can use smaller CRM solutions to help users navigate on the website based on personal preferences. Some of them are listed below cost less than $20 a month.

  • Batchbook
  • ContactMe
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Agile CRM

Mobile compatibility

Statics shows that the number of people who search on the Internet from Mobile and cellphone is increased. You should have a responsive website with mobile compatibility and functions.

These are the simple tips that lead to growing your online small business faster in 2019.

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