In this article, you will be familiar with the way of advertising. You will understand how you can advertise your products and writing an advertising plan.

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I started doing business someday. Before starting my business, I was only thinking of producing (product or service). I thought if I had a place as a business location and had a product or service to sell well, people would line up to use my services and products. But this did not happen! I remember my first business started in 2009. At that time there were not many resources available on business and its success.

The culture of using the Internet was not like now, and this resulted in not using Internet services. At that time, there was more traditional advertising, such as offline advertising, advertising in newspapers and magazines, printing flyers, urban billboards. You would introduce your business with these methods that caused high costs for advertising and branding, or if we just zoomed in flyers (cheaper advertisements), we would not get the target results. At that time, the best ad was to provide high-quality products and services to satisfy our customers and made them convey their satisfaction with other friends. In fact, Word-of-mouth advertising was one of the best ways to ensure the sales of a business.

As I said, there were not many resources at that time, and business owners advertised based on their experience. But today, with increased resources and access to high-speed Internet, there is a lot of training for business owners to enable them to grow their business. This is also one of the educational resources on advertising that you have entered on this page by searching “How to advertise?”. Here are some clear paths for you. Stay with us.

ADVERTISING for introducing your business concept, products and services

How can I advertise?

There are a lot of questions on this topic that all are similar and have a single solution. Here are the questions that these days the majority of people who call us, ask:

  • How do we advertise?
  • How to make successful advertising?
  • How to promote our product?
  • How to introduce our product?
  • What are the best ways to advertise to attract customers?
  • How to find a customer?
  • What is the best way to advertise a store or shop?
  • How to advertise on Facebook?
  • How to advertise on Instagram?
  • How to be on the Google first page?

These are most of the questions people ask us. But how can we give them a single answer? Admittedly, the advertising methods that are considered for any business are different. But the solution to provide promotional techniques is the same and it is the creation of plan marketing or an advertising plan.

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What Is a Marketing Plan or Advertising Plan?

We have heard that we should have a plan to succeed. Plan to know:

  • On what path did we go?
  • When will we arrive at the destination?
  • What should we do?
  • What costs should be paid?
  • What are our problems?
  • And…

The marketing plan is a plan to explain such questions. A marketing plan or advertising plan brings you a comprehensive plan according to your goal and budget so you can advertise your business in a perfectly successful way. The success of the marketing plan is based on the information we use when designing the marketing plan. The more detailed and complete the initial information, the more it will help us to succeed.

These days, when the audience call us and we ask them so what your marketing plan is, they just talk about what their colleagues have done! Proper understanding of the promotional program is important for every business owner. They should know that in order to succeed in any field, including advertising, there is a need for a comprehensive and accurate advertising plan. For example, a plan to know what you will do in the next year’s Christmas, how you advertise and provide a discount.

To achieve this, you need to answer questions about your business and your customers. But before answering these questions let’s see how the business owners, before getting to know the marketing plan, found the answers to the questions above and what great losses they were making to these wrong answers.


Advertising Your Business

Put aside yourself! Watch around! Some of your friends are employers; ask them what your best advertising method is. When it comes to advertising, most business owners are just talking about their own views! But how true are these? For example, those who use Instagram are quick to say that advertising on Instagram is very useful. But if they have the experience of doing this, the result has not been so great and attractive! What is the reason? So why they suggest advertise on Instagram. The problem with most businesses is that they only think that being present is enough. When they hear a website can bring new customers to them, they just think of the website creation. But they do not have any idea about the appearance of their website and how they can attract customers, also no one explained to them what their goals of creating a website are.  They only are present. So they just go to design a website with the lowest possible cost.

I know a lot of business owners who enter this field with the idea that cheap and free internet advertising is going to attract 1 million customers with $1000! But do you think this is realistic?!

How to create successful advertising?

When you go to the Doctor and explain your problems, the doctor examines you and depending on your condition and your illness he/she gives you prescription medication. You go to the pharmacy without a doubt and buy medicines to get well. You do not think at all whether this prescription is useful to me. It is true?! Does this apply to ads too?

Do you accept the word of your advertising consultant without a doubt, and only do whatever he/she said? Absolutely not!

The question of many customers is how to make successful ads? In response, I tell all customers that we are designing and presenting advertising solutions based on your needs, but there is a big problem! And this is unreliability to advertising consultant. First of all, I have to say that the customer has the right! Because many people without experience and just to spend reading some the books call themselves as advertising consultants. And their goal is just one thing! They just want to give a lot of money.

An experienced advertising consultant will tell you how to advertise to succeed.

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What Is The Successful Advertisement?

It’s hard to build an ad that can make a business successful! Successful advertising means becoming an epidemic and that is so-called viral. Simply put, viral ads (viral marketing) are referred to observing ads by visitors and then they send them to other people. These ads are also known as word of mouth.

There is always a rule in building a marketing plan. If you have a solution for virus promotion, just zoom in it and leave out other promotional methods or try to make the ads more viral. These days successful advertising is a kind of ad that makes attitude that is a reliable, constant and high value of buying.

But how can such advertising be made? Due to the increase in advertising in every field of work, these days users are seeing a lot of ads. If you only want to be in front of the audience, you can only advertise! But if your goal is better to be seen, you should advertise differently. We cannot restrict businesses to the media for making such an advertisement. We have to use several media to advertise.

The advertising media is meant to be a place for advertising, such as TV, radio, internet, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


These points, one has to realize that in order to make successful advertising, it must be promoted with the right planning in the various media with the right thought and idea.

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