What is Personal Branding? What is the difference between personal branding and fame? How to build personal branding? What are personal branding methods and strategies? All of these are being answered in this article.

Our perspectives from personal branding are reverse. This means you may tell yourself my job and my social position are not superior to the rest and I feel that I can be better and more well-known in society with personal branding.

The difference between personal branding and fame is similar to the difference between a tall girl and a short girl wearing high-heels to become as tall as the tall girl.

Compare the Concept of Fame with Personal branding

Fame is a category that is distinct from branding. Only the roots and reasons for becoming famous have changed. Once upon a time in ancient Greece, politicians and preachers were famous.

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Why Personal Branding is important?

It can be said with great confidence that the emergence of social media and the spread of using them in the world has been one of the most significant reasons for the importance of personal branding.

Meanwhile, social media seems to be cheap or free, everyone thinks now that they own the media to build personal branding. Therefore, they think of self-branding. In short, the emergence of social networks, the cheapness of the media, numericity, and the possibility of comparing their position with others on social networks are cases that make personal branding more important than in the past.

Personal branding alone is not a product and achievement. It is also clothes that cover our previous products and achievements.

Perhaps a person who has a successful business wants to think about his own brand or a famous actor or director of the cinema, is thinking of how people see him or how he likes to be seen by people. May a football player thinks about a personal brand, and the question is, for example, that having a sports clothing store will help to strengthen the brand, or merely earning money from a brand that has already been built.

Basically, everyone who is constantly considered by people and media, it is normal to think about other’s mindset.


There should be a body to wear clothes on!

If I have not had any serious career history, I will not be able to build branding through being present in Instagram and Facebook and social networks, paying money and buying a page in written publications.

Personal Branding Requires a Lot of Time.

People generally do not pay much attention to what we talk about ourselves. They are waiting to see what others are saying about us.

I can say that I am the most successful management consultant, but as you do not hear my name from a few successful business owners, you will not pay attention to my claim.

Briefly, self-branding is ultimately done by others, not ours. What a person can do at the beginning is to create a small reference community. It means that if I am a good actor, there should be some directors who will know my works and a part of the community to talk about my works. If I am a good doctor or psychologist, my patients should promote me.


Do you want more help for personal branding?


Personal Branding: Wonderful Solutions, Strategies, and Techniques

Determine Your Audience

The focus of your blog and all its content should be on your readers. What are their needs? What are their problems? You have to be able to guess, but with a guess, you will have the risk of making mistakes. The best way to remove the guessing is to study and survey. In this review, you can briefly describe your audience and try to develop more focused content.

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Determine a Specific Value

What can we provide to our audience? Do you offer resources that help others to work smarter? Do you offer Leadership? These are just a few examples of this. Provide a short and simple answer to this question, and that answer is the value you provide. You may need to review and evaluate your proposed value and change it at different times. Having a specific value can be used as a clear framework for your efforts.

Personal Branding Fundamentals

  • Write a business slogan for yourself
  • Make a great, high-quality image
  • Make the right look
  • Find our media
  • Create an email list
  • Content creation
  • Bold our skills and abilities
  • Build a good relationship with others and keep this relationship

Briefly, a brand is just like the identity of each person, and it’s not possible to have an unidentified person, that part of the identity and the self that others know, is called personal branding.

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