Multipurpose Website design and development is proper for businesses that offer both services and products for sale. One of the best content management systems to implement multi-purpose websites is WordPress (WP). Today we want to introduce you the multi-purpose web design and development services with WordPress.

Features of Multipurpose Websites

Multi-purpose sites have more features than an online store website or a corporate website. In the design of multipurpose websites with WordPress CMS, the following features are usually considered:

  • News and Articles section
  • Portfolio section
  • Tabs section
  • Products section
  • Store settings
  • Paypal
  • Forum

Therefore, at multipurpose websites, you can have an online store, introduce the company and create a question and answer forum for users.


What Businesses Need Multipurpose Websites?

Businesses need multipurpose sites that offer both services and products. WordPress’s multi-purpose sites usually have the ability to use the community (bbpress plugin) and social networking (BuddyPress).

Thus if you want to have a multipurpose website, one of the best systems you can use to implement your website is WordPress.

WordPress Multipurpose Website Design Cost

The cost of WordPress multipurpose websites depends on the features and type of website’s function. Designing such websites requires a lot of support and development, due to the multi-user and multi-purpose use of the site. Therefore, if you want to have such websites, be sure to hire companies that offer good support.

Multifunctional Websites Design Order

Advotisa Company, a special web design service provider in California and the United States, is ready to build and run various WordPress multipurpose websites.

Contact our experts for consulting on building multipurpose websites with WordPress.


Features of Websites that are made by Our Company:

  • Responsive design for accurate display on mobile and tablet
  • Website design in accordance with the client’s needs and the user – User-Friendly
  • Web Design based on search engine standards with proper speed (SEO-Friendly)

Contact us for a professional website.

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