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In this paper, you will be familiar with advertising tips and methods to introduce your products/services as easy as ABC on the Internet.

How to promote and advertise our product?

The best examples of ads are around you and you will see on TV and Social media. If you look at product promotion, you will see a difference in the presentation of the ad. Of course, at first it’s a bit hard to feel the differences, but as a business owner, I suggest that you carefully observe the other advertising methods used by the companies, especially the counterpart companies.

We know businesses that have achieved significant success only with the observation of advertising and similar activities to their counterpart companies. But the fact that you imitate does not look great in the long term.

When we have goods for sale, we must first see whose this product is useful for? As I have already heard, the income of every business is 20% of the purchases of customers who always buy from them. This means if you can zoom in 20% of your business goal, you can have successful advertising. So, start by identifying your main audience first. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of gender are my customers?
  • What age range are my customers in?
  • What income my customers have?
  • My customers are single or married?
  • What are my customers interested in?
  • In which region of my country do my customers live?


One problem that I had with business owners was that they often chose a wide range of audience. Business owners think they can attract a lot of customers by increasing the range of audience.  But this is completely wrong!

A wide range will bring you huge and costly advertising. So, before you start advertising, you need to know your main target customers. You can get good info on surveys, questionnaires, market research, and competitor analysis. After identifying customers, you can advertise according to their emotions, needs, thinking, and more. And be sure this will bring you the best results. The main thing here is this: do not blindly advertise!

The best method to introduce a product or service

How to introduce our product? In practice, the answer to this question is very simple, but in principle, it is not!! I’ve seen a lot of businesses that talk with their customers about the product’s kind and its shape or its manufacturing country. This is very good but does not meet the customer’s needs! You need to target the audience’s needs not the kind, shape, and quality of the product! If you zoom in the sense of your audience’s needs, make sure you will increase your sales.

I remember my friend had a clothing store on a street where hundreds of other clothing stores were located. He started selling but very soon he sold many clothes more than the others. We asked him for the reasons. He followed a few principles in selling his products:

  • The customer is always right!
  • Always give a good product to the customer, and if the goods are delivered in your country, say that and do not lie!
  • The customer can test and wear all the clothes on the shelves, even if she/he does not buy and you should see off them with a smile.
  • Sellers, if they have nothing to do, should put the clothes on the shelves and re-collect them!
  • All salesperson stare at the store’s entrance and wait for the customer so that they can guide customers for the best choice.
  • If the customer returns the clothes, help him/her to change clothes as much as possible.
  • Always make a list of customers and announce them with SMS every time on sale days.

This description looks so ridiculous in some cases. But if you want to buy a dress and know about such a shop, you will surely always be its customer and you will offer it to your other friends.

What’s clear from the above is that providing a service, albeit small, but distinct from the rest of the businesses, can lead to further product sales and boom. Focusing on sales to the customer can lead to increased sales. Showing business dynamism (opening clothes on the table and rearranging and picking up on the shelves) leads to more sales. Transferring a good shopping experience to a customer can make him a permanent customer and even lead to making your business viral. If all this is done, they say you are a good business owner.



The best advertising method to attract customers

There is no such thing! Yes, do not be surprised. As we said above, it’s not possible to make a single method for everyone. The solution is the same and it’s advertising plan, but you cannot make one advertising plan for all businesses. So when something is true, one method cannot be superior to other methods.

In marketing science, there are 19 advertising channels that each business, depending on the type of activity and target audience, must select several methods. Now, the question is: With these differences, how can we find the best methods to attract customers?

The answer is simple. By choosing the right advertising consultant and creating a marketing plan due to your budget, goals and time, you can choose the best advertising method for a business. But we cannot say that this is best for everyone! So, if you go to a consultant and he/she tells you that this is the best method for you, because I tried it on other businesses, just run away!

The point here is that you will get the best advertising methods to attract customers just by programming and creating a marketing plan. Building a marketing plan requires a lot of research in the market and the target audience approach.

how to find target customers

How to Find a Customer?

You must first see what kind of customers you are looking for. In this case, the knowledge of the audience’s persona can help you reach the goal. The purpose of the customer’s persona is recognizing the target customer in order to identify, design and execute advertising solutions and attracting customers.

For example, businesses such as online sales of expensive cosmetics have customers who are women, from 18 to 30 years old, have a monthly income of over $5000 and more are living in wealthy areas.

Also, there are some businesses that are looking for more ordinary employees to sell their products, sometimes at an affordable price. For example, some time ago, a brand of the suit came to us for advertising and intended to sell a suit with a shirt, shoes, belts, ties, and trousers only at $900. Their goal is not to attract rich people of society. This business seeks to attract people who want to buy their own clothes for Christmas.

So finding a customer is related to business type, business class, the business’ service/ product as well as a business location. With this in mind, you can identify your target customers and design and do appropriate advertising methods to attract the audience.

best methods of advertising

best methods of advertising

The Best Way to Advertise a Store or Shop

The above was an example of selling more products at the store. I introduced my friend and his sales method. It looks so simple, but many stores and shops do not follow the same simple issues, and this will make them failed.

Soccer coach Carlos Queiroz said that there are five to six teams with financial strength and the same facilities on the island’s football (League of England), but only one of them is the last-season champion and that is the team that worked most on details. Paying more attention to the smallest details in business than other colleagues can make you successful.

So if you have a store or shop, be sure to stay behind and evaluate the audience and your products and services a little bit.

How to advertise on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram? – Advertising on Social Media

The presence on social media with a lot of followers can help to increase sales and customer. But how to stay in these places influences our success. As we mentioned above, some businesses are only present in advertising media and do not do anything that leads to an increase in sales and customers.

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are currently three of the most popular social media that most businesses are trying to advertise in these spaces to be visible and sell more. But by looking at the experiences of the people who contact us, we find that only presence cannot help you increase sales and customers. So how should we be present on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram?

The answer is simple but complex! You must be different. For example, if you are a photographer, you can reverse the photos you take and upload them. This small difference will make you become famous.


We see some people on Instagram who are famous by making fun of some objects. For example, somebody has a fork in all his photos. He has also written in Bio find the forks in the photos below! Their followers like his creativity.

On YouTube, there is a bit different story. On YouTube, most businesses have channels. YouTube channels are only seen with ads. So on YouTube, you must find the target pages and advertise them with target and planning.

Advotisa’s Offer Regarding Advertising

In the above, we have highlighted the principles that we must do before advertising. In all of the above, we mentioned that advertising should be done with planning and appropriate advertising programs should be developed by an experienced consultant in the field of advertising.

We offer you in Advotisa to make a marketing plan before doing anything in the field of advertising. Today, creating a marketing plan is one of the most important factors in advertising success, and with this plan, you can guarantee your business’s future.

So if you are now looking to create your own marketing plan, we would like to announce that Advotisa with its strong digital marketing team can develop and implement the best possible marketing plan for you.

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