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Anyone who owns a website knows that website rankings are often not constant and may change even daily and hourly. These changes are exactly what challenge all websites. All websites are also trying to keep their website rankings stable and remain at the top of Google’s first results. To succeed in your online business, you need to have a consistent flow of traffic to your website.

In this article, we show you the reasons why search engine rankings alter frequently.

The Reasons for Site Ranking Drops

As you know, the SEO process is complex and time-consuming. Many efforts are being made to place a site at the top of the Google first results. But what happens when your site’s ranking drops immediately?  Many factors play a role in this field. Here is a list of them.

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  • Updates of Google Algorithms
  • Using the Same Keywords Repeatedly
  • Google’s PPC Advertising Services
  • The challenge of Ever-increasing Ranking
  • Losing Lots of Links
  • Handling Broken Redirects
  • Receiving the Manual Actions Warning Messages
  • Google and User Behavior
  • Location
  • Impact of Page Speed
  • Server Problems
  • Incorrect Link Building Strategy
  • CTR
  • Technical SEO
  • Website Navigation
  • Server Overload and Crash
  • Using Similar Meta Information
  • Copied Content

Updates of Google Algorithms can imact on site ranking which advotisa describes from penguin to panda algorythm

1) Updates of Google Algorithms

Regardless of your business type, you should always consider for penguin and panda updates. These updates may be related to new updates or updating an old algorithm by Google.

Advotisa can check your keywords and key phrases regularly there is a man who do seo for site ranking

2) Using the Same Keywords Repeatedly

The pages that you search often are displayed more often in your search results. Therefore, the use of the same keywords repeatedly can lead to a decrease in site rankings. Consequently, check your keywords and key phrases regularly.

google deliver ppc advertising for better site ranking. here it shows the ranking process

3) Google PPC Advertising Services

Sometimes in Google’s results, we see Google’s PPC ads that lead to placing some sites with those ads at the top of Google results. These PPC ads alter your website rankings.

this pic shows Challenge arrow and growing in the website ranking the challenges of all websites _

4) The challenge of Ever-increasing Ranking

If your site rank has increased, know that another website has dropped to SERP. That is why the process of SEO is never over.

it is a photo of url or web link pic that shows monitor lots of link

5) Losing Lots of Links

Try to check your links every 90 days. It is better to use monitoring plugins and software to examine your lost links. This can lead to reducing site rankings.

301Redirect Process this photo shows the redirect process

6) Handling Broken Redirects

If you want to apply structural changes to your website, such as server change, note that you must use the right 301-redirect. Otherwise, search engines will think that the website or some of its pages no longer exist. This can also lead to reducing site rankings.

Google staff understood that specific pages of your website do not comply with Google's guidelines

7) Receiving the Manual Actions Warning Messages

Always pay attention to the notifications of the Google Search Console account. If you received warning messages or Manual Actions Section, which means Google staff understood that specific pages of your website do not comply with Google’s guidelines. In this section, you can find solutions to problems. If you do not fix them, your website rankings reduce.

user-behavior and the user behavior factors of site rankings for google

8) Google and User Behavior

Depending on the user’s behavior, sometimes Google displays the newer results first and static content lower. That’s why you may see a reduction of your website rankings.

location and device at the time of search impact on website ranking result

9) Location

Your website rankings have a direct relation with the location where the search is carried out. Since, Google monitors your location at the time of the search, the websites you visited and even type of your device.

page speed and the speed of loading page can impact on ranking of your websites

10) Impact of Page Speed

The speed of loading the content of your website pages affects not only website rankings but also user experience.

server problems server issues can cuase a decrease in site ranking

11) Server Problems

You should try to remove your server problems so that you can troubleshoot the problem, not having errors in the server logs and rendering and crawling URL easily.

correct link building strategy for getting better site ranking in google result

12) Incorrect Link Building Strategy

You should never use dangerous and spammy links because Google will penalize your linking because of an incorrect link building strategy.

what-is-CTR your contents are not satisfying regarding user experience shows a hand

13) CTR

If the users click on your website and then immediately leave it, Google thinks that your contents are not satisfying regarding user experience.

this picture is about onTechnicalSEO with 700px shows seo technical with magnifire and a laptop

14) Technical SEO

The use of Technical SEO will help take better care of your website and its rankings.

this pic shows a girl who wears a smile with blue and yellow pencile that enjoys website navigation website-nav-menus-760px

15) Website Navigation

The better your website navigation is, the easier it will be for users to find the content they want on your site. Because if users click on a thousand times and do not find the content, they definitely leave your site. This is a negative point for your website ranking.

Web-Server-Overload this is a green photo that shows a green overload of server

16) Server Overload and Crash

If your website is not prepared to receive a large wave of sudden traffic, your server will be overload and crash.

in this pic there is a boy or man who says that is so meta and shows meta tags and meta informations value-of-meta-info-to-seo

17) Using Similar Meta Information

For search engines to understand what content your website offers they use Meta information or Meta tags. If you use a similar title for multiple pages, you will not only confuse your users but will also fail in SERPs. Your Meta information should be unique.

copied content or duplicated content is not ok for rankings MP-Duplicate-Content-SEO

18) Copied Content

When you insert content on your website that is exactly copied to get rankings and grow traffic, Google may penalize your site.

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