What is local SEO? Local SEO is optimizing the website to attract audiences searching for your products or services near your business location. In other words, local SEO is used to show your business to people who search near your location.

Using Google Possum Algorithm for Local SEO

The Subject of local SEO is so important that Google considered an algorithm called the Possum Algorithm to optimize this work. The first thing considered in this algorithm is to look at where is your business location, in which the city and area are located. For example, if your business is in California, you will no longer be able to write the names of the cities around the CA after your services to attract the audience of those cities.

For instance, it has been seen that web design companies in California created pages for web design in Washington and anyone who search for web design in Washington, find them in California! But today it will not happen again! Now if you do this, you’ll see more businesses near you and in your city.


The Importance of Local SEO

The purpose of local SEO is to attract an audience who is near you. In the past, always in outdoor advertising to attract audiences and companies near the workplace, people created flyers to declare cooperation and provide special services. They distributed these flyers to companies and alleys around their own company. That worked very well! Because businesses like to provide their services to companies that are closer to them.

This happens in the local SEO too. You are visible to the closest people who search for your services or products. This makes both the searcher and the target business profitable.

According to Google, more than a third of Google’s inputs are made by local SEO. Therefore, if you invest in this field, you can get a share of the market.


How to Do Local SEO?

Here are some of the ways to do local SEO:

  • Insert the website in the Google maps with relevant information
  • Use keywords with the name of the city or region (eg, digital marketing in CA).
  • Use local directories to introduce your website (ie American directories)
  • Use Google Maps on your contact page
  • Insert the ability to comment on Google maps
  • Do Google Maps SEO
  • Use Google Plus and Facebook to enter address and map


Use Schema at Local SEO

Schema is a markup language for search engines. You can use this language and geographical location property to help you do local SEO. Therefore, if you want to work on your local SEO, be sure to use the Schema in your website coding. If your website’s CMS is WordPress, then you can use the Premium WordPress plugin that has the Local SEO section to get the best results.

How Can We Benefit from Local SEO Services?

You can go to the SEO page and choose an SEO package and benefit from our Services. SEO and local SEO services can increase your rank, increase visits, increase sales and customer service.

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