Motion Graphic Design Connect with People Affect UX Easily

Animation films are almost one of the best strategies to succeed in social media and the Web. Video is a powerful medium because it has many senses. Motion Graphic Design is also important in SEO ranking today. Words and images help marketing, but the video is the most powerful online marketing medium. Animated movies can help you attract ideal customers and dramatically increase your chances of success. Animations explain your business and your work. Each website has at least one commentary video on its homepage. Commentary videos are a fun way to provide important information to your website visitors about your products or services. How these videos work can transform your visitors into customers.

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is a merger of two-dimensional images, motion, and sound. Motion Graphics is basically two words Motion meaning move and Graphics, including form, typography, color and, texture. In fact, in the motion graphics, every time you pause the image, you get the correct graphic image in terms of frame and technique.

Today, Motion Graphics is one of the most popular advertising and branding tools.

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What Is Motion Graphics

What Is Motion Graphics

What Is Motion Graphic Design?

Motion Graphics is the name of a very successful profession that we hear so much about today. Motion graphic design is widely used today. The most important reason for this popularity is the use of dynamic and animated images rather than static images. In other words, the best way for advertising is to have a video advertisement that can be produced through motion graphic design.

Certainly, one of the most important and, according to many activists in this field, the most important element of a good and effective motion graphics is accurate as well as practical information. Another point is that the best videos created with Motion Graphics uses the best animations to create a captivating, yet understandable, image without any ambiguity. The motion graphics profession has now become one of the best ways to explain important ideas, raise awareness and attract customers. With this method, you can easily introduce your online business to others and be confident with about advertising; because Motion graphics will do the job for you.

Where is Motion Graphics from Originally?

Business owners realized the magic of cartoons and animated characters who could turn themselves into a sign for a brand and attract a wide audience. In fact, motion graphics is relatives of animation.

What Is Motion Graphic Design?

What Is Motion Graphic Design?

What is Motion Graphics Used for?

Camera, video, lighting, etc. are not needed in the motion graphics industry. So this form of cinematography is used in many fields.

  • Video ads
  • Training video
  • Movie and Serial
  • Infographic Motion
  • Build Interactive Sites

Here are some statistics that show you why to use more videos in your marketing:

  • 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • 65% of people transmit information through the eyes and vision to the brain in a visual way.
  • Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than the text.
  • After watching a video, 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product.
  • 1/3 of online activities are dedicated to watching the video.
  • Video on a single page can increase the conversion rate by up to 80%.
  • According to YouTube, its users watch videos over 3 billion hours per month.

Now that we are familiar with Motion Graphics, we are also exploring the reasons for its popularity and its significant impact on online businesses. There are a few very interesting reasons that explain: Why does Motion Graphics has a direct impact on improving online businesses? How does motion graphics helps you to connect with people and affect user experience?

Direct Impact of Motion Graphics on Sales

Direct Impact of Motion Graphics on Sales

Direct Impact of Motion Graphics on Sales

The first and most important step is to add the product video to the relevant pages. Research shows that adding product-related video increases sales by up to 80%, and in some cases even more. According to reviews, Motion Graphics can affect the direct sales of products. This will be a huge advantage for online businesses. Therefore, it can be said that motion graphic video design with creative, unique and exciting ideas can bring valuable data and information to mind and impress the customer.

Motion Graphics Builds a Trust

Trust-building is the main foundation of sales. As you know, Motion Graphics will build trust and long-term relationships with users and customers. Therefore, providing complete and useful information in the form of motion graphics and transferring information to users can build their trust in your brand.

Motion Graphics Has a Great Impact on the SEO

Motion Graphic videos will increase the time your users are present on the website, and that means increasing your website’s SEO. This means that the Google search engine recognizes this website as a good site that has useful content for users. So, SEO and website rankings also improve. The same thing will make your branding and introduce your brand to others.

Motion Graphics Creates Emotions

By watching a good movie, you will find a feeling that may lead you to change your attitude or even change your life. In motion graphics, scenarios, characters, dialogues, spacecraft and so on, will be done in a way that the viewer can feel good in the least amount of time.

Motion Graphics Simplifies Complex Information

Sometimes information about a product or service is too complex to explain to the customer or the customer’s perception is not adequate.  It is definitely boring to use traditional and old methods. It may even take you a long time. But you can introduce your product in less than a minute using motion graphics.

effect of motion graphics video on online business and ux design

effect of motion graphics video on online business and ux design

Provide a Pleasant User Experience

Research shows that every user watches video content about 6 hours a week. But the question is whether this user is willing to spend the same time for studying. This makes it more attractive to the user to watch motion graphic content.

No Expiration Date

Your video will never lose its quality and its impact is constant.

An Announcer from You

You may not like to sit in front of the camera and talk when you are a business owner or have something to offer in your organization. Do not worry! Animation characters will be happy to come and help you.


You can create something that has a profound impact on your audience and will never be forgotten. This attraction becomes more apparent when you can create a warm and friendly atmosphere and reach out to the audience.

Stages of Motion Graphic Production

  • Obtain business information and identify the target community
  • Ideation and provide the best scenario and consult with the customer
  • Design and animation
  • Dubbing
  • Customer feedback and troubleshooting and delivery with complete satisfaction
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