Citronautomation Web Design

Designing a professional website can maintain the dignity and status of a factory or industrial unit in the virtual world and in a short time, attract customer satisfaction and improve its position day by day by considering customer suggestions and criticisms. Therefore, industrial businesses require a website that is minimal and unique setting them apart from their competition. This is a sample of Industrial Web Design Services to inspire you.

Citronautomation is an international company with branches in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Its main holding is in Germany, which provides services for the supply, sale, delivery, commissioning, and maintenance of industrial automation. Their branches are located in Qatar, the Republic of Korea, Canada, and China.

Citronautomation is one of the most beautiful and three-language websites designed by Advotisa. it has a user-friendly and minimal design. The above-the-fold section is started with the time-lapse video. This website has a home page, services, about us and contact us pages. The standards of Ui and UX design are observed on this website.

All the photos in Citronautomation are high-quality pictures that were edited to be in harmony with the color scheme of the whole website. This industrial website has a high speed of loading page.

If you are looking for Industrial Web Design Services, please contact us. If you are looking for web design ideas to build your next industrial project, you are in the right place.


sample of industrial web design
  • User-friendly
  • Minimal Design
  • Three-Language
  • High Page Speed