Fintrent Web Design

One of our favorite web design portfolios is this sample of cleaning company web design. Fintrent AB is a Swedish Cleaning Company that serves different types of cleaning services including home cleaning, office cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning, move-in, and move-out cleaning, and pre-sale cleaning. Fintrent specializes in daily / weekly / monthly cleaning services for a wide range of residential and commercial customers. That is why Fintrent needs different types of web pages with pertinent design and also proper features.

After reviewing the business of the Fintrent and its customers, we decided to design their site with the following features. Our goal is customer satisfaction and association with what they had in mind from their site.

Cleaning Company Web Design

Since the Fintrent is an insured company that has developed a quality system to ensure constant and accurate results every time, Advotisa’s web design team design a logo and different pages of the website especially the home page. One of the most significant points of the Fintrent website is the harmony of photos and color combinations that appear on all pages, even in blog articles. Therefore, all pages have the same color combination and there is no distracting color jump.

For the convenience of its customers, they asked us to create an online booking and coupon features on the site. Also for better user experience we speeded up the website loading page and performance and made it responsive for all devices. In addition to web design services, SEO services were also applied to Fintrent to get better results in Google search results.  You can see this sample of cleaning company web design by Advotisa via clicking on the button below.


cleaning company web design services in california by advotisa
  • Coupon
  • Online Booking
  • High Speed Of Page Loading
  • Responsive Design