Project Name: IAG

Client: Iranian Aggregate Group

Iranian Aggregate Group is a leading company in the construction industry consisting of 3 other companies. IAG had ordered the production of a video ad for its branding areas and features for its branding department in Iran and abroad.

Therefore, according to the needs and perspectives of IAG, we have produced a fully conceptual 3D motion graphics for them so that we can present to the audience a conceptual and illustrated concept of the future of IAG for equipment, transportation, company building, production of construction materials, mines, machinery and relations with neighboring countries such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, and Syria.

All the elements of the scene were first drawn on paper and sketched. Then we turned them into three-dimensional models and defined the surreal texture and material for them. Finally, we put all the models in mental lighting and space.

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  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Conceptual
  • 3D Models