SEO Cost How Is the SEO Project Pricing Determined

SEO Project Pricing

How much does SEO cost?

Do you want to know about SEO cost? SEO is an ever-changing knowledge. In this fascinating and challenging field, we face many questions and uncertainties that are difficult to answer. But of all these questions, the most difficult to answer is “How much does the SEO project cost?” In the world of economics and marketing, there are many ways to price products and services that can be the best choice for your business in certain circumstances. Most of these methods are not applicable in the SEO field because they actually disrupt the “success rate” of all equations.

According to many professionals and employers, success is so important that it even marginalizes the talk of how to do an SEO. Due to years of serious SEO work and professional consulting and implementation services, we have been faced with such situations many times, and yet we are still unable to provide an accurate and unique answer to SEO cost! We know it’s weird, but that’s the reality.

In this article, we are going to introduce different pricing models and review the disadvantages and benefits of each.

SEO Project Pricing

SEO Project Pricing

  1. Keyword Position

Targeting specific and searchable keywords can be considered as one of the most common ways of pricing an SEO project. In this model, a shortlist of keywords is provided by the client and then this list is reviewed the success criteria of the project to improve their ranking and achieve a certain position.

This pricing practice usually imposes a great deal of risk and stress on the SEO expert, since if he or she fails to reach a predetermined goal, he or she will not earn money. The reason for this can be attributed to the client’s bitter experiences in past collaborations. Yes, conducting an SEO project with multiple companies or individuals and spending a lot of money that does not bring positive feedback will allow the client to evaluate the SEO expert’s performance rather than focusing on the position of the keywords.

Who Will Guarantee Ranking in SEO?

People who are expert in SEO, and have experience in running several successful or failed projects, are well aware that providing employer financial guarantees to rank Google 1st or any other place on the search results page is ethically and legally impossible. As a result, they are reluctant to accept projects with this mindset.

In contrast, newcomers to the SEO field who declare low costs for small projects consider such customers a golden opportunity to earn higher or at least gain valuable experience. SEO is a guarantee of an experience that is valuable even if the project fails.

Why is pricing dangerous based on ranking?

The success of an SEO project does not depend on achieving a high rank in one or more keywords! In order to gain a position in valuable (highly competitive and highly searched) keywords, we first need to expand our business to a wide range of business-related terms and concepts. Otherwise, even if we reach our desired position, its durability and stability will be very short. In this pricing model, the SEO expert usually focuses his attention on these keywords. as a result; with an emphasis on external linking and a lack of focus on valuable content creation, we’ll see the site’s rapid growth according to the keywords, but as we go along this path, the risk of penalties for Google and sudden loss of position will increase.

Based on statistics from Google Inputs

Based on statistics from Google Inputs

  1. Based on statistics from Google Inputs

In this method, instead of focusing on a limited number of keywords, we pursue a more important goal, which is to attract users from Google and turn them into customers. This is done by citing statistics provided by the Google Search Console tool and checking for changes. Companies that have long experience in niche terms and understand the value of this targeting model are generally welcomed by this method of pricing SEO services.

What’s the problem with pricing based on visit statistics?

This pricing model is reasonable and acceptable for growing businesses, but after months of activity and reaching the desired position, increasing Google input may not be a meaningful goal. Imagine your site ranks first to third in search results in many keywords, is there a potential for increased Google input at this point? Probably not. The result is nothing but a reduction in SEO revenue and discouragement of continued collaboration.

Honesty sacrifices to achieve goals!

In some cases, it is seen that the SEO specialist or service provider fails to fulfill their commitment in the domain of increased visibility due to the unforeseen growth of the potential growth (even with SEO principles). As a result, he uses deceptive methods to achieve predetermined goals, such as increasing Google input using a robot or targeting most-searchable, low competition and, of course, low-value keywords. Overall, this model of SEO can also pose numerous problems for the client and the provider, which cannot be a reliable method.

Determine SEO cost based on the sales volume

Determine SEO cost based on the sales volume

  1. Determine SEO cost based on the sales volume

Perhaps the most attractive and yet the most sophisticated way of pricing is paying attention to the actual sales volume and growth of the business. For example, in an online store, analytics tools like Google Analytics can provide accurate statistics of purchases made through Google Input. As a result, an accurate estimate of current sales volume is made at the beginning of the project, with a focus on SEO goals for the future. In this model, ranking in one or more keywords is not imposed on the SEO expert, and on the other hand, increasing the visibility through the search terms, but not the low value of the client costs.

When an SEO expert takes this approach, he or she becomes a partner in the business and contributes to its success and failure.

When is the sales volume not the right criteria for pricing?

This method will also have its limitations and problems. At the start of the partnership, everything seems clear and measurable, but as SEO impacts sales volume, the client’s commitment to the contract diminishes, and in many cases, over time the SEO expert does not contribute to greater success.

As a result, it seeks to reduce SEO’s wages by announcing lower sales or costs. All in all, it can be said that paying attention to the sales volume of an SEO project requires both maturity and a high level of trust between the client and the expert, otherwise, it will not last long.

Estimate the cost of the provided services

Estimate the cost of the provided services

  1. Estimate the cost of the provided services

Clear, measurable and without controversy! When costs are determined based on the provided services, there is virtually no way to fail the project or impose additional costs on the client and provider. In this way, the status of the site and its main competitors is first scrutinized and the activities needed to improve the SEO status are presented in a proposal.

SEO services can be divided into three main categories:

  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing

You can get a schedule of executables and a reasonable cost for each. For example, our work on SEO is completed someday or within the first one or two months of its assignment, so there is no need for additional costs in the coming months of the project.

evaluate SEO expert performance

evaluate SEO expert performance

There is no mention of the achievements of this partnership and the commitment to business growth so far;

How can we evaluate SEO expert performance and hope to continue collaborating?

In this situation, you should consider the site reports and the monthly growth of the site. The proposal that is made initially provides an estimate of the potential growth rate, but the SEO expert does not guarantee the employer to achieve it. In fact, the main guarantee is the quality of the services and monthly reports provided.

At the beginning of each month, a list of services and costs appropriate to each is announced and at the end of the month, a report is presented on their impact on SEO and optimization. If the client is convinced that specialist activities have improved SEO and business growth, he or she will have no reason to stop cooperating and may decide not to cooperate whenever the process is not favorable. As a result, the most important factor for the success of this method is the effectiveness of its activities and the provision of analytical and defensible reports. This process ensures that SEO experts always use new ideas and tools to grow your business and never prioritize other projects.

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