What is Personal Branding? What is the difference between personal branding and fame? How to build personal branding? What are personal branding methods and strategies? All of these are being answered in this article.

Our perspectives from it are reverse. This means you may tell yourself my job and my social position are not superior to the rest and I feel that I can be better and more well-known in society with it.

The difference between it and fame is similar to the difference between a tall girl and a short girl wearing high-heels to become as tall as the tall girl.

Fame is a category that is distinct from branding. Only the roots and reasons for becoming famous have changed. Once upon a time in ancient Greece, politicians and preachers were famous.

It can be said with great confidence that the emergence of social media and the spread of using them in the world has been one of the most significant reasons for the importance of personal branding.

Meanwhile, social media seems to be cheap or free, everyone thinks now that they own the media to build personal branding. Therefore, they think of self-branding. In short, the emergence of social networks, the cheapness of the media, numericity, and the possibility of comparing their position with others on social networks are cases that make personal branding more important than in the past.

Personal branding alone is not a product and achievement. It is also clothes that cover our previous products and achievements.

Perhaps a person who has a successful business wants to think about his own brand or a famous actor or director of the cinema, is thinking of how people see him or how he likes to be seen by people. May a football player thinks about a personal brand, and the question is, for example, that having a sports clothing store will help to strengthen the brand, or merely earning money from a brand that has already been built.

Basically, everyone who is constantly considered by people and media, it is normal to think about other’s mindset.


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