Any activity that aims to improve your position in search results is called SEO Services. In general, SEO services can be divided into five main categories:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • Analysis and consultation

In the following, we will look at some of the services that are relevant to each of the sections:

Field of Technical SEO

  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Optimizing HTML codes and tags
  • The overall health of the site; Managing Robots, Sitemaps, and Redirects and etc.
  • Implementation of standard markup
  • Designing and coding of the AMP version
  • Optimizing or implementing the mobile version of the site

Content Marketing Services in SEO Projects

  • Identifying and analyzing valuable keywords
  • Setting the content structure of the site and the target pages
  • Schedule and content creation standards
  • Providing continuous content proportional to SEO standards
  • Managing titles and descriptions for SEO


Brand Awareness Ultimate Guide aims and its various uses

In this post, we are going to introduce you to the basic concepts of brand awareness goals to understand what you need to do in this way and to choose the best and most appropriate strategy to create your brand awareness campaign from a variety of different ways.

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SEO Cost How Is the SEO Project Pricing Determined

SEO Project Pricing

How much does SEO cost?

Do you want to know about SEO cost? SEO is an ever-changing knowledge. In this fascinating and challenging field, we face many questions and uncertainties that are difficult to answer. But of all these questions, the most difficult to answer is “How much does the SEO project cost?” In the world of economics and marketing, there are many ways to price products and services that can be the best choice for your business in certain circumstances. Most of these methods are not applicable in the SEO field because they actually disrupt the “success rate” of all equations.

According to many professionals and employers, success is so important that it even marginalizes the talk of how to do an SEO. Due to years of serious SEO work and professional consulting and implementation services, we have been faced with such situations many times, and yet we are still unable to provide an accurate and unique answer to SEO cost! We know it’s weird, but that’s the reality.

In this article, we are going to introduce different pricing models and review the disadvantages and benefits of each.

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Affordable SEO Consulting Services to Take Your Website to the Next Level Copy

SEO and website optimization are a general concept. This word alone cannot represent all the facts about your targeting and strategy. Nowadays the importance of SEO and website optimization has increased. Therefore, the importance of using SEO consulting services is one of the key pillars of search engine optimization. In this article, you will familiar with the affordable SEO consulting services to take your website to the next level.

To better understand this phrase, let’s first take a look at its main meaning, Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing the websites for search engines such as Google. But are search engines your ultimate goal or the users coming to your site? We believe SEO stands for Search Experience Optimization, which means optimizing the user experience when searching. The primary purpose of SEO-related activities is to gain a better position in Google’s results, but our main goal should be to increase the site’s actual audience, which will increase sales or improve the conversion rate. It is here that the role of an SEO consultant emerges and the importance of professional SEO consulting multiplies.

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Google Maps SEO Optimizing Maps to Rank at the Top

Before explaining about Google Maps SEO, you need to know that signing up your business on Google Maps can help you in local searches. What does this mean? This means, if you can register your business location on a Google Maps, it is possible that those who search for your services and who are closest to you will find you ahead of others as a result!

If you have not done so, you can register your business on Google Maps. After registering your business on Google Maps, there will be competition among businesses in one area.

Have you ever searched for a specific service, and after one or two results, and sometimes at the very beginning, you will face the Google Maps that shows you three businesses?

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Website Analysis Services to Check and Optimize Your Websites SEO

Website analysis is a prerequisite for a powerful presence among online businesses. There may be fewer companies that are not thinking about their competitors, their growth and profit in the Internet world, and how they work in this type of business. Therefore, it is better to analyze website before competitors analysis. Read more

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linkbuilding The Magic of Link Building to Grow Website Traffic for SEO 1200x600

Link Building is one of your most important concerns when looking for SEO (Google’s top rankings). How do you build a backlink? What kind of links is useful to you? In fact, you need to learn link building. In this paper, you will get more familiar with the link building.

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Keyword Analysis for SEO Strategy A Beginner’s Guide

Everything starts by typing a few words in the search box. A keyword analysis is one of the most important, most valuable and profitable activities in search engine marketing. Using the right keywords can increase your website rank, and failure to do this may result in irreparable losses to your website. With keyword analysis, you will not only understand which keywords improve your SEO but also you will know the community of your customers.

A keyword analysis is not intended to attract visitors to the website, but the purpose is to attract those visitors that your content is useful for them and they are precisely looking for your content or product.

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What is local SEO? Local SEO is optimizing the website to attract audiences searching for your products or services near your business location. In other words, local SEO is used to show your business to people who search near your location.

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conversion rate-Simple Tips for Attracting the Users and Converting them into CustomersHow-to-Get-Much-Website-Traffic-900x500-01

How to Convert Vagrant Customers on Google into Customers?

Increasing the conversion rate is appealing to all Internet businesses, there are several ways to do this. According to the Goal Pyramid, which was first introduced by Matthew Michalewicz, minifying big goals into smaller ones (such as increasing traffic, increasing customer conversion rates, increasing sales, etc.) that are easier to achieve, will eventually lead to reaching the main goal.

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You have to standardize your website according to the rules of search engines like Google and pay a lot of attention to the topic of on-page SEO.

This article reviews the on-page SEO and you will be familiar with most-useful on page SEO techniques to use to boost your website rankings.

If you plan to increase your website traffic, you need to consider the standards of search engines. Therefore, you have to standardize your website according to the rules of search engines like Google and pay a lot of attention to the topic of on-page SEO.

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