what are host and domain

What is Host?

The host is the space where you can place your own website files. As you know, the website is software that runs on the web. If you install software on your computer, that software needs space to store your information. The website is the same.

So the main definition of the host is this: the space that a website needs to save its files in the host. Websites have executable files, styles, text, and photos and videos that require the host to store them.

What is Domain?

The domain is the address that every website is being introduced on the Internet. When you type google.com into your browser’s address bar means you are about to go to a site that has the domain name of google.com.

The domain address is the same as the one through which your website is introduced.


What are the host and domain and their usage? Most of those who are new to setting up the website, these questions arise: what are the host and domain, and why should we buy domain and host?

In this article, we will answer these questions in a general way.

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