What is SEO?

As a word, SEO is an abbreviation of the phrase “Search Engine Optimization”. Simply, it is optimizing Website for search engines (such as Google).  This means that the site should be optimized in a way that it is placed to the top of the search results with the target keywords. it is one of the ways to increase customer and sales. To be at the top of the Google results, you need it. You can get this by using Advotisa’s SEO services. In general, it is referred to as a set of work that is done to better introduce the site to search engines, along with the consideration of the needs of Internet visitors. it should be noted that doing a series of tasks in the form of optimizing a site is very time-consuming. Doing SEO usually takes one to four months for a site to and you have to wait four to eight months to see your results.



Why do we need SEO? If you are an expert in your business, but you are not known and seen, no one will use your services and profession. If you want to be recognized on the Web market, you will have to pay various expenses. Optimization is one of the best ways to introduce you to search engines. It does not matter what kinds of business you have! Whether you have a large or small company, you always need to increase your customer and sales. For this purpose, you have to be observed and seen.

In this paper, you will be more familiar with the introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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