There are a variety of advertising solutions and methods available for promotion, from printing flyers to booking billboards, but the question is, what are the best advertising methods and techniques? We intend to introduce the best advertising methods in this article.

Advertising in Magazines and Newspapers

Advertising in magazines and newspapers is effective advertising but not for everyone! This kind of advertising is good for brands and businesses that have participated in all advertising methods and now they want to attract some special audience who are interested in reading the magazine and the newspaper.

advertising in magazines and newspapers

This method is not suitable for businesses that people are not familiar with. We have seen many companies and businesses that have not come up with a good result after using advertisements in journals, newspapers, and magazines, because:

  • They only use this kind of advertising method
  • They use this kind of advertising without being branded and become popular

We conclude that advertising in magazines and newspapers is more suitable for brands, and is more like a presence to remind audiences and display brand power in advertising.

advertising on tv

Advertising on TV

One of the most effective ads is television advertising. This kind of product or service advertisements is broadly displayed to a wide range of audience. But the main problem with this type of advertising is its high cost.

Television advertising is also mostly for businesses that can dedicate large advertising budgets. In TV commercials, it’s important to consider advertising and quality of teaser production.


Advertising on the Radio

Radio advertising is also one of the promotional methods. This promotional method is often suitable for businesses that have made extensive advertising on TV and magazines. This type of advertising is not recommended for companies and small businesses.

Environmental Advertising

Environmental advertising includes booking billboards and urban TVs. This kind of advertising helps you to be visible more in the city. Today, one of the most popular ads for medium and large businesses is the use of billboards.

Of course, it should also be noted that in this type of advertising, the use of graphics, advertising slogans and performing targeted advertising is a priority.

Printed Advertising

Printed advertising includes the use of brochures and catalogs, the use of promotional stands and business cards as well as flyers and etc. for the business introduction.

This kind of advertising is very common, but with the increasing Internet advancement, some print promotional materials, such as brochures and flyers, are used less.

Colorful beverage booth icon isolated on white background. Vector illustration with bar counter and big amount of bottles and drinks with paper labels


Promotion is the same as introducing a brand’s product or service. This is usually done by creating a small booth in crowded places. You have probably seen various promotions in your place so far.

This method is very popular and efficient. Of course, it costs a lot, but from the perspective of the conclusion, it is one of the best advertising methods for businesses.


Internet Advertising

Internet advertising can be the best option for all companies and businesses, both small and large. Internet advertising is cheaper than other advertising methods. To have effective Internet advertising, you should:

  • Have a professional and user-friendly website
  • Have proper SEO services with keywords
  • Create Professional content for your website to attract audiences
  • Build social media pages for the brand

These are the requirements of a business that must be built before it is advertised online.


Best Advertising Methods and Techniques

For each brand and business, there are different ways to get results in advertising. To find out what the best method to advertise your business is, get advice from our consultants.

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