Certainly, marketing has changed over the last years and has been completely transformed. With the advancements made on the Web and the Internet, these changes have become more and more and provided open space for digital marketing. For this reason, digital marketing is a major issue in small and large businesses today.

The purpose of this article is to become familiar with digital marketing and its solutions. Also, this article discusses the benefits and techniques of how to do digital marketing, and you can use this article for your digital marketing services and product introduction to your audience.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing, frequently called as online marketing, can include many common forms of internet advertising. Actually, it is referred to as all marketing efforts and activities of products or services by using the Internet and electronic devices. Currently, digital marketing is something more than just interaction with a Website or Email.

Actually, digital marketing is using digital media such as the Internet, mobile, etc. is in the direction of marketing and increasing the number of customers of a brand.

For increasing opportunities and chances for clients to interact with brands in digital marketing, all businesses must focus on digital devices, platforms, media and technology listed below:

  • Devices: smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs and gaming devices
  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google and etc.
  • Media: advertising, email and messaging, search engines and social networks
  • Data: the information about audience profiles and their interactions with businesses according to law
  • Technology: all marketing technology used by businesses

In digital marketing, contrary to the old methods of business, marketing of customers is very important. That is why companies use various methods in analyzing customer preferences so that they can advertise widely and in one specific time available to users.

Today, with the enormous development of information and technology and the development of the virtual networks, companies have found that in order to maintain their stability in the competitive market, sales should continue to be present on global networks (the Internet) and use this infinite space to supply their products and services. As a result, digital marketing is required to achieve this goal.


Digital Marketing Concept and Its Advantages

Digital Marketing has many benefits such as:

  • Avoiding waste of time and energy
  • Unrestricted access to unlimited customer markets around the world
  • Raising efficiency and minimize advertising costs
  • Removing spatial and temporal dependencies
  • Reducing the use of manpower
  • Speeding up the delivery of goods and customer service presentation

The best digital marketing solutions

But the question is what the best solutions to digital marketing are and how different businesses can pick the right one.

Hence, it should be considered that digital marketing involves a wide range of solutions. However, here the most important ones are introduced.

  • Web Design and Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Branding
  • Marketing Plan

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Digital marketing methods

Understanding digital marketing methods and solutions lead to more business awareness from the media which provides you the ability to get the most feedback at the lowest cost. These solutions can be implemented entirely on the web and used by mass media such as television and radio to develop the brand.

There are many different ways and means for brand development in the digital environment, in the next paragraphs we intend to explain the best available solutions, but you should note that:

  • Every business must have its own strategy for advertising, with one strategy; you cannot make all the businesses successful!


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Web Design and Web Development

When we talk about web design it does not mean improving all the websites. When we talk about web design in digital marketing, it means that the website is designed with high standards and the ability to convert visitors to the clients.

In today’s marketplace where businesses have serious competitors, they can no longer compete with the simplest and most ordinary solutions in the market. To be able to work efficiency along with other businesses, you need to have a solid and reliable base and that is your website. Having a good website alone is not enough. You must follow the behavior of users on the website and, depending on their needs, develop the website. This can help you to increase the conversion rate.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process that helps a web page or Website to rank higher in search engine results. Therefore, this process leads to drive more traffic to your Website and potentially more customers. With SEO, you help your clients explore your business from among thousands of your competitors. On the other hand, SEO gives an opportunity for free advertising for your business. Websites, Blogs, and Infographics are the channels that benefit from SEO.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is related to SEO that both of them used in digital marketing to have a higher position above their competitors on search engines like Google and Bing.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is an approach focused on creating and publishing valuable and relevant content to increase your brand and business authority to your market and ultimately provides business intelligence and profitable customers. Blog post, E-books and whitepapers, Infographics, Online brochures and lookbooks, social media content and Website content are the channels that can play a role in your content marketing.

Content marketing is a method of advertising that uses a strategic approach. In this approach, you try to write and create content using irrelevant and indirect methods so that the brand or the same pattern stays in your audience’s unconscious mind.

You will then be able to make permanent sales. This method is based on valuable content creation. Try to produce high-quality content to be more effective.


Email Marketing

Email is one of the most utilized and oldest means of information. By using email, you can send a variety of promotional packages to a large number of users, and inform users of your latest news and services.

Email marketing is an approach in which companies send commercial email to people containing content promotion, discounts and events and directing people to your business website. As a result, email marketing attracts and retains customers and promotes your content, brand, and product.

It should be noted that due to email restrictions, the text should have a great attraction to motivate the client so that they pay more attention and connect with you.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a process of marketing and promoting a product or service via different social media channels. With Social media, you can connect to people across the world easily and find new customers. Also, Social media marketing increases brand awareness and consequently drives traffic to your Website. The most important social media marketing channels are listed below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • YouTube

Today, most people spend more time on social networks than on television. This has created new media for businesses. Social media marketing is another digital marketing solutions. In this social media marketing, there are also two popular ways:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Affiliate Marketing is using famous pages and bloggers to introduce you. Of course, outside of social media, affiliate marketing is also used, the most important of which is the advertisement reportage. In the future, we will talk more about this. In influencer marketing, we find people who are matched with your business. We ask them to advertise us directly or indirectly.

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Video Marketing

Video marketing is a process of creating promotional videos or clips. The aim of producing video marketing is attracting and persuading potential customers and publishing them on Social media and Websites. One of the important advantages of video marketing is that people prefer watching the video instead of reading long texts and videos. Furthermore, video content conveys the concept better than promotional text and images. In videos, a message can stay in the minds of the audience for a long time or it can even give a lot of information to the viewer in a short time in a way that viewers do not get tired.

When a user communicates with your business, it can become your customer. Video is one of the best ways to attract audiences and engage them with the brand. Video marketing is another digital marketing solutions. Videos play a very constructive role in advertising. Every day, millions of promotional teasers are displayed on television, and billions around the world see these videos.

In today’s world, video marketing is one of the most important solutions in the digital industry, especially motion graphics, because it can make people acquainted with the business and its websites.

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Viral Marketing

With the wide use of online and virtual networks, viral marketing has become a very important issue these days. You can easily observe its effects extensively on social networks. By using this method correctly, your products, brand, or service will be spread virally on the Internet virus and the knowledge and awareness of your audience will be enhanced.

Viral Marketing is the most important part of digital advertising. In marketing, it said that if you find a way to make your brand viral, leave the rest of the ways and just focus on viral marketing. But it’s not an easy task to get to a viral idea. The viral ad is an ad shared by people on the Internet.

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Your methods for promoting your brand will affect success, sales, and branding. Some people categorize advertising methods based on the media type, some based on customer type, some based on quality and feedback. All of the above are just right for categorizing digital marketing tools. But at every stage in the design of a digital strategy, one has to pay attention to what the brand is, who its customers are, what the goals are, what the brand has been done, how much its budget is and etc. in order to determine real-time digital advertising techniques based on real data.

Marketing plan concept. Searching and targeting, planning and earning.

Marketing Plan

To succeed in advertising in digital space, you need to have a good marketing for your business. A marketing plan is a written plan including your digital marketing measurements and campaigns. It contains your future plan, programs, strategies, options and schedule, roadmap of your business.

If you want to have a free and online marketing plan, you can click here.

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Are You Looking for the Best Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Business?

Do not make a mistake! There is no such list. You cannot tell which solution is the best, because each solution can be an ideal way or a bad way to advertise with respect to the brand position and its characteristics. The problem that many businesses are facing is a false imitation method. Individuals who began to start a business without investigating, analyzing and researching, because somebody has done and Profited; they will be definitely failed. What can you really say about this kind of person?!

In advertising, we also see such business owners. Those who observe their colleagues are successful in their business via their website; they think that it is a good idea to have a website for them. But they do not know what is behind a successful website and why a website is successful and the other one is not.

We had customers who asked for promotional teasers because their competitors were successful by this solution. That is why they wanted to produce a promotional teaser, but all of these clients reach one result: nothing!

The Most Important Principle in Digital Marketing

An important principle in digital marketing is the use of proper consulting. Choosing an appropriate business consultant in the digital area is very difficult. Because there is no university to certificate and anyone can claim that he/she is a professional digital trainer and marketer. Even if there was a university, it was unclear how much the graduates know about this field.


Why the right consult is the most important principle in digital marketing?

Why you are about to consult? Well, surely you’re going to take action without errors and mistakes. In advertising, a mistake leads to defamation of the brand. A few mistakes lead to advertising failure. And all this is because of the wrong choice of advertising consult. You must have a brand-specific roadmap in which all methods are fit to your business and flexible (short-term) and long-term (one-year) flexible plans are predicted.

We are beside you at Advotisa Digital Marketing Agency to assist you with to not take the wrong steps.

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Digital marketing services include the provision of services provided by that brand that is introduced and advertised in digital media. There are several ways to provide digital services, but the type of advertising services is highly influential in its outcome. How and where to start marketing services and what goals and strategies can take can be very effective on the outcome of the project. With this in mind, the question now arises: “How do we understand that the outcome of the implementation of digital marketing services for our brand will be positive?” Of course, at first glance, it would be very difficult to recognize this, especially when your goal is to get a 100% positive result. If you search on the Internet, there are many companies that are called Digital Marketing Company, and also the majority of advertising companies or advertising agencies claim they can provide the best digital marketing services.

The question is:

  • How can I figure out which service provider should I use?
  • How can we find out that the developed program is result-oriented?

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The Appropriate Choice of a Digital Marketing Agency

Characteristics of a successful digital marketing company:

  • Having a successful career in advertising
  • Providing interesting and useful web advertising solutions
  • Developing a suitable marketing strategy according to the client’s budget and time
  • Having a successful executive team with regard to the portfolio in advertising

Ultimately, digital marketing is about using digital technology to achieve goals. In this modern world with advancements in digital, it is better to use digital marketing to grow your business. Accordingly, any companies who use digital marketing have more chance to win in the marketplace against their competitors. For this reason, in order to choose the best solutions, you can give advice from the professional Digital Marketing Agencies.

Indeed, Advotisa can help you in this area.

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