SEO is one of the best ways of advertising on the Internet that shows you whenever a customer needs your services. This process causes you appearing in front of your customers when they need something which will result in more sales. SEO is very sweet, but it’s not easy, and it usually makes employees be at the end of their rope to place their website on the first page with their keywords.

Who does this page help?

  • If you are one of those clients spent money on your website, but you have not reached the desired results.
  • If you spent a lot of money on SEO, you will not get any interesting feedback.
  • If you plan to spend money on SEO reasonably, once and for all.
  • If you are looking for a professional SEO company.
  • If you want to optimize your website with competitive keywords.

All of this can be reasons to read this article. In the next section, we talk about SEO service providers.

We have seen a lot of customers who have given their SEO services to a non-professional company or they have done their SEO website optimally, they do it in a worse way! Note that if you are also a member of this category, the cost of the SO is more than usual. Because first, you need to pay money for adjustments and then you have to spend money on new SEO services which these two will cost you twice.

But if you have not employed an SEO company or SEO expert, you are lucky. The SEO team of web designers in California, using the latest SEO techniques, can bring your website to any competitive level at the top of Google results. Just call us and give us your website address and your keywords for SEO.


The Best SEO Company in Los Angeles, California, United States

Why are we one of the best SEO companies in California?

  • More than eight years of history of SEO and web design
  • High-skilled SEO experts
  • High- experienced SEO team for SEO projects
  • More than 1,000 keywords for SEO in our CV
  • Provides SEO support services to fix your website’s position
  • Valid company in providing SEO services in California

You can contact us if you want to choose a qualified SEO company in California. It is possible to have met in SEO Company for those who want to optimize their website.

SEO services with the best SEO service provider

SEO services include services provided by a company or SEO group to those who intend to place their website with keywords on the Google first page. These services often have prices and special conditions, and the purpose of this service is to place the client’s website to the top of Google results. To be the first and best of all in Google is the endless competition that most of the websites on the Internet now like to have this position for themselves. To get such a position, you should optimize your website with SEO. The purpose of website SEO is to make the website so popular on the Internet that users visit it and offer it to other users.

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Why does Google offer the best results?

That is Google’s aim: Providing the best results to users. If Google does not show good results to its users, it loses them, and this is contrary to Google’s approach and goals. So if you want to be successful on your website, you should use Google’s algorithms and standards for SEO. SEO is a complex science with a lot of details that not observing a small point will lead to failure. Due to this sensitivity, you have to hire an SEO expert or SEO Company to benefit from their SEO services.

The key question in SEO is that SEO services or SEO service providers should have what features and what services. In this section, we are going to introduce the website optimization services and guide you with what you need to look for.

We provide a website optimization in Advotisa in the following areas:

  • Determining the SEO strategy
  • SEO Consulting
  • Doing SEO services
  • Exclusive SEO Analysis for your site
  • Improving the site’s position in the search engine
  • Increasing your users from search engines
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Increasing click rates in search engines
  • Eliminating the website structural issues in terms of SEO
  • Support for SEO-done websites

When your goal is SEO, you are looking for one of the best promotional investments. Why investment in advertising? SEO is a long process from 3 to 18 months that makes you the only choice for users and your target customers.

analytics-website-for-seo google first page advotisa seo services california the best seo company in los angeles

Why SEO?

It may also happen to you that you need services or products. Where is the first place you are looking for? Yes, the first place is the Internet and most likely the Google search engine. Your customers are the same. They search on the Internet to find the services; if you are part of the initial results, you can certainly expand your business.

SEO is the most important success factor of a website

Website optimization services will lead you to be visible when the customer needs you at the moment in the best way. All the cost you pay will return to you. SEO is the best kind of advertising and therefore it is called investment in advertising. When it comes to SEO, a good service provider needs to do this for our business. It is very important to choose the SEO service providers.

Choosing the right SEO service provider

If you search the word SEO on the Internet, you see that there are many people talking about SEO, but can these people all be able to provide SEO services for all websites? Are they really qualified? Where should we understand these points?

SEO is a science that changes every day. A series of sciences, such as computer science, is changing every day, but a series of sciences such as jurisprudence, lawyers and medical practitioners have their own laws for many years and centuries. The SEO relies on the rules and algorithms that are determined by the search engines. Because of the many changes made to search engines, SEO can never be simplified.

SEO is the most complex issue in website and web design services. SEO professionals know that they cannot reach the desired result with one solution!

What does it mean?

Suppose you are an SEO expert and you are providing SEO services for business. If you succeed in SEO for business in the automobile, you must have used a series of solutions. But this does not mean that if you use the same solutions for a confectionary website you will be successful. This is the complexity of SEO; there must be different strategies for success for each project.

The Best SEO Service Provider

Professional SEO service providers always know that they should be responsible for the risk of work, with the exception of SEO fees; because SEO is a task that does not result in doing just SEO. You have to set up solutions for every type of business to give you the best results at the time. Perhaps you have thought before that all the SEO methods were similar, and with a single principle, success in any SEO project could be achieved. But this is not the case, and an SEO service provider knows that he or she needs to design and implement a specific strategy for each particular project.


SEO Is the Best Online Advertising Solution

SEO is well known for Webmasters and website administrators. Now everyone is looking for SEO because they can bring you a customer. SEO is a long-term propaganda solution, but if it is done right it can be the best investment for a website. When it comes to SEO, a good SEO expert will play the biggest role in winning a proper SEO strategy. To set a proper strategy, the team must have the following people: people who should be in the SEO team:

  • SEO strategist: Who determines SEO strategy based on experience (required work experience of at least 4 years)
  • SEO Manager: Who is responsible for the SEO project and monitors work (at least 3 years of work experience)
  • Professional SEO expert: Who knows the trick and has worked for a long time (at least 2 years)
  • Ordinary SEO expert: someone who has done the basic SEO (history of at least 6 months)

The professional SEO team is made up of such people.

In this team, after signing a contract for SEO services or website optimization services, the SEO strategist first examines and provides the solutions to the SEO manager in the form of an SEO plan. The SEO manager categorizes the strategies in time and level and classifies and schedules jobs between the professional and the typical SEO expert.

SEO manager and SEO strategists are all in touch. But SEO experts have not much relationship with SEO strategist. The strategist should be able to focus on approaches and strategies to choose the best way for business, so having a professional team is essential in SEO.

For having a professional SEO team, contact us.


Investing in SEO

If you plan to have your website on Google’s first page, then you are an SEO investor. The capital you need is the right time, cost and choice. You should be able to buy time and cost for your SEO services with the correct choice.

Being on the Google First Page

To be on the front page of Google, we need to consider several states:

  • How many of my competitors’ keyword search volume is?
  • Who are our competitors? How old are they? And how much do they work on SEO?
  • How is our current position on the Internet and SEO?

These are the factors that you should check. The more competition you have, the harder your competitors will be, the more money and time you spend on the website.

Detailed Definition of SEO Services

SEO Services is a set of services that an SEO team do to receive the position on a Google first page. These services include a wide range of issues that are done due to each website strategy. For example, some websites have a large number of contents, some others build a lot of backlinks and the rest do a lot of advertising.

We in Advotisa provide our golden services. If you also want to use Advotisa’s golden services of website optimization, I suggest continuing this article.

Consult before Doing SEO

When you plan to do SEO in the best way possible, you have a great goal. Be aware of being on Google’s first page in business meaning you are one of the Top 10 in Iran. This is an honor that can either turn you into a credible brand, and it can also lead a lot of customers to your side. But you need to know that acquisition of such an honorary requires long-term investment with high costs on the Internet.

If someone promises you to do SEO at a low cost, leave it immediately! Because today SEO meaning cost and advertisement and with basic SEO and old strategies cannot be successful with a heavy competition in SEO. If you intend to stand on the peak of SEO, you must pay for it.

Before starting SEO, contact our consultants.

SEO Services Price/Cost

SEO is categorized in various packages, and the price is, as stated, depending on the competition and the current status of the website. Contact us for an inquiry about the cost of SEO services.

Techniques in SEO Services

Always having modern techniques and syncing with the search engines can increase the SEO speed. At Advotisa, we are working on updating all the information for managers and SEO experts to bring you the best results with the lowest cost. Different techniques are available for website SEO which we summarize in our SEO services:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Local SEO

SEO Methods

The SEO team has methods that are divided into three ways:

  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO

When SEO experts use Google’s suggested methods for SEO, they use White Hat SEO techniques. When SEO experts are trying to deceive Google with abnormal methods, they use black and gray hat techniques. White hat SEO has a constant result. The website optimized by Black Hat SEO is fast losing its position and it’s sometimes penalized by Google.

Take a look at our company’s Golden SEO Services:


On-Page SEO Services

  • Optimizing website code structure
  • Website Images Optimization
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Website Link Building Optimization
  • Content Creation for insertion inside the website

Off-page SEO Services

  • Website introduction in local directories
  • Content Creation and insertion inside the blogs
  • Link Building
  • Work on social networks
  • Introducing sites on relevant and important websites


Local SEO Services

  • Attracting local audiences
  • Inserting website on local Ad websites
  • Showing the website to customers near your workplace
  • creating local content

Which SEO Services Can I choose?

Soon, the most cost-effective optimization and SEO services are respectively local, On-page and Off-page SEO. You can choose one of the services listed above based on your budget and time.

I recommend you take advantage of our SEO consultants before doing anything. SEO consulting is free. We will go on to explain SEO and why we should take SEO seriously.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which in principle should be called S.E.O. The word is meant to optimize the website for search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In general, any operation that leads to a better view of your site in the search engine is referred to as SEO.

Note that SEO is not a button under the SEO expert’s desk, SEO is not something that comes up suddenly, or it can be achieved by deceiving search engines. SEO is a hierarchy that needs to be done continuously so that the website can be visible better in search results.

In order to have an SEO-done website, we must write content and create content that is useful to users, not just for search engines. Many people think that SEO is simple and easy, but when they enter the SEO, they will understand that it’s not so simple.


SEO Planning

These days there should be plans for everything. SEO also concludes with the program. But who can write a plan for SEO? Certainly, anyone familiar with all SEO principles can plan or design a suitable strategy for the SEO project. Therefore, if you are looking for a conclusion, you should design a specific plan for specific purposes and proceed according to the work program.

Providing SEO Strategy Services

Another Advotisa’s SEO services are SEO strategy. If you are familiar with the basics of SEO, you can use this service. These services include creating a program and strategy for content creation, branding and doing On-page and Off-page  SEO.

Why should We Hire SEO Experts?

The answer is very clear. Because you do not have enough experience to create the right strategy in SEO. You need to have a minimum of four years of practical experience in order to create an appropriate strategy. You cannot just claim that you are an SEO expert and you can do SEO with any hard word and competitive keyword just by reading the SEO concepts.

Why use Advotisa’s SEO Service?

  • More than 8-year work experience in performing web design and SEO services
  • Experienced experts in order to perform SEO services and website optimization
  • SEO support
  • Doing SEO in the form of a white hat with the highest possible constant
  • Reasonable price in comparison with the companies of the same level
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