The Features of Effective Advertisement for Small Business

It is very important in the era of technology and the supply of goods and services having proper management in marketing and advertising for success among business competitors. Effective Advertisement and Commercial advertising are one of the factors of a successful product or service that can be advertised in order to be introduced and presented to the audience.

What makes an effective advertisement?

Value is what drives a customer to buy goods or services. The money the customer pays for the same value and expects his money to not be wasted. These are including brand, packaging, the emotion that the product induces to the customer, specific features of that product, how to deal with the customer, how to deal with employees, reputation, financial support, spokesperson, how your secretary talks on the phone, advertising options, what you say in your ads, what you need to do but do not, and more. We call them value. But none of these values alone is enough.

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Effective Advertisement

Current customers have become so persnickety and distrustful. They are no longer loyal to a brand and go to another name with the slightest mistake. Without regard to the values mentioned, the ads lose their impact and people do not believe the advertisers. Therefore, in a competitive market, sufficing to a simple brochure or a television teaser is just a waste of money. You cannot rely solely on value. In such a market, someone is more successful who provides more value than the money he received. The customer pays a lot to buy a product. With the exception of the financial cost paid at the end of the work, he will pay the cost of the need, the cost of researching the goods, the psychological cost to cover this period and other costs. So, the customer expects the most benefit. As a result, he is looking for a commodity that will bring him more value.

Now you get the answer to the question of why does not our ads impact. Because we do not offer any value to our customers in our advertising. Never a brand leads to the sale. The customer is looking for something that brings him the most value. If you do not tell people what you are doing, why you do and why they should buy your product, they will ignore you. You should continue to do this. People forget about it soon. Your advertising process should never be interrupted.

Two Important Points You Should Consider

First, different customers require different values, and you cannot put all values together and in the best way as an organization. The reason is the cost of executing it, maybe your customer does not care about a particular value, so spending money is not worth it. Therefore, you have to limit the range of values to your chosen customers. As a result, to start advertising, you need to design a special advertising strategy tailored to the topic, which requires marketing research and customer recognition.

The second is to promote values. If you already have a marketing plan for yourself, you should make it better and better over time. In short, you should provide more and better value to the customer. In order to design a value-based successful strategy, first of all, you should identify the desired values.

Effective Advertisement introducing products and services to your customers

Effective Advertisement introducing products and services to your customers

Introducing Products

Valuable goods or the value of the products will vary depending on the type of product or service you provide. In the introduction of your product, you have a few things to keep in mind:

  • Who is my customer?
  • What are my product features?
  • What are the benefits (values) of my product?
  • What is the distinctive advantage of my products and services?
  • And in general, why should anyone buy my product, but not my competitors’ product?

From the point of view of advertising position in comparison with marketing, ads can be classified under the marketing subset and along with other tools such as public relations, sales promotion, personal sales, and direct marketing. More advertising on the customer’s minds focuses on the preference of a particular brand, and marketing encompasses the entire process, including advertising, sales, distribution, and more.

If you need more help with methods to introduce your products, you can read the following article:

The Features of Effective Advertisement

The Features of Effective Advertisement

The Features of Effective Advertisement

Tips for Great, compelling and Effective Advertisement

It is very important to design ads to try to both promote your product well to your potential customers and can be impressive and attract the attention of its audience. Therefore, here we are trying to get you familiar with the effective advertising rules that lead to sales and the large business owners use them to increase their incomes.

Here are the features of effective advertisements:

1) Do not Stray from the Point

Refer directly to your point. Delete any unnecessary words. The more words you have, the fewer readers will read your ads. Most radio and television advertisements do not continue for more than 30 seconds. Many advertisements in journals prefer the image to the word. You have a very short time to describe your marketing, advertising or service details.

Declare the Message of Ad at the Beginning to Impact More

Declare the Message of Ad at the Beginning to Impact More

2) Declare the Message of Ad at the Beginning to Impact More

Make the first paragraph stronger and more effective. Suggest some concessions. All well-known propaganda writers advise you to surprise the audience from the start. After writing the first paragraph, describe the main benefits of your product. Tell the audience what to know about your product, and repeat it continuously.

3) Be Explicit

Anyone who is involved with advertisement faces the problem that everyone understands the message of advertising. If you do not use simple language, ordinary people will not be able to understand it.

4) Talk to Your Audience Directly

Imagine the audience to make a good advertisement. Talk to your audience and listen to their words. Treat your audience just like the people you encounter every day. Therefore, you will find a good plan for your advertising.



5) Use Logic and Feeling

Your ad will not only inform the reader about a particular concession, but it can also have an emotional concession. For example, “See how much women are attracted to you, when you use our perfume.”

6) Short and Attractive

The longer your ads are, the fewer will see it. An advertisement should be in such a way as to make the audience watch it.

7) Avoid Exaggerating

Avoid expressing the words “Best in the World”, “Number one”, “Best of all”, “Cheapest”, “Most Effective”, “Most Trusted”, “Strongest”, “Uncompetitive” and “Unique”. Exaggerated sentences have reduced sales power over time.

Exaggerated sentences have reduced sales power over time

Exaggerated sentences have reduced sales power over time

Also, avoid phrases such as “buy my product”. The consumer is likely to agree with such recommendations, but if the customer feels that you are interested in his money and not his interests, he will no longer trust you.

8) Creative, Innovative and Memorable

The image and message of the effective advertisement should be completely innovative and creative so that the audience is thinking about it and remember your ad whenever he sees your product or similar ones.

9) Honest Advertising Message

Design your ad in a way that you describe the benefits and features of product or service. The other important feature that’s better to observe is honesty. Your message should not be untrustworthy. Never forget that what you provide to your audience in your message, you should be able to prove it in practice. In other words, never promise something you cannot act.

These tips help you to have more effective advertisements.

Advertising concept with smartphone on white table

The Features of a Successful Video Ad

Today, competition is tremendously high in the marketplace. In the meantime, a brand is successful which is able to present its message better than others. The video ad is itself an effective advertisement.

Video ad production should be based on a strong strategy in order to be successful. After designing the main video ad strategy, the task is not finished yet but only the main foundation of it. From this point on, other factors affect the successful video ad:

  • Provide the best creative ideas that can capture the concept in mind of the audience
  • Including visual and audio beauty that matches the taste of the audience
  • Understanding the mentality and mindset of the audience and presenting ideas to convey the advertising message in a way that passes through the mental filtering of the audience
  • Understanding the needs, wishes, and goals of customers and targeting the video ad on this basis
  • Having a robust scenario and perfectly aligning with the goals of video ad
  • Use specialist to make video ad such as director, vector illustrator, stage designer, sound recorder and …
  • Assembling and editing a video professionally and adding graphics items
  • Use of relevant and influential music

If you are intending to produce an effective advertisement such as video ad, motion graphics video and teaser you can call Advotisa and order.


In recent years, users’ attention to graphics and video content has grown steadily. The users do not tend to read texts and the tendency to read is reduced day after day. On the other hand, they tend to quickly receive information through a short video.  That’s why Instagram and YouTube have become increasingly popular among users today. In these circumstances, the importance of producing video ads and making promotional teasers for small and large businesses and industries is multiplied.

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