In this article, we are going to introduce the video advertising and features of successful video ads.

In today’s world, advertising is an interface between brands and companies, and audiences. But what advertisement can effect?

The answer is simple! Targeted advertising, along with the selection of appropriate media, will make the advertisement more effective and successful.

What are these targeted ads?

Targeted ads are planned advertisements to convey messages (or messages) to the audience.

Learn more about targeted advertising.

Among the targeted advertising methods, TV advertising is one of the most influential advertisements. For this type of advertising, you should create a video ad with respect to the type of product or service. It’s not enough to advertise on video media! You need to advertise right and professionally. How about?

To better explain the subject, we first explain video ads:

What is a Video Ad?

First of all, you should know that the video ad is also called a teaser ad too. In the term, video ad or teaser ad refers to behavior to create a curiosity in the viewer with a thematic presentation. But in general, the teaser ad or video ad is a technique for introducing a product and service in digital media.


Usually, teaser ads initially stimulate the viewer’s curiosity. What is this ad for? What is the message of ad? Is there any product for sale? Who is the advertiser brand?

All of this will put you in a curious mood to get all the answers at the end of the advertisement and receive the message.

The Stages of Video Ad Production

Generally, the cost of video ad production is high; therefore, to do this, you have to use creativity and initiative to better convey the message of the video advertisement.

Video ad production consists of three main steps:

  • Before production
  • Production
  • After the production

One of the most important factors in the production of a teaser ad or video ad is the preparation of a scenario or script, the selection of actors, filming, dubbing, editing, and so on.

The main factors for the success of a teaser ad or video ad are:

  • The strategy or method of presenting and transmitting the message of ad
  • Innovation or creativity in displaying the message of the advertisement
  • How to display and present

In terms of strategy adoption, successful video ads are perfect. They have a creative concept and they also have the right presentation.


The main purpose of making a video ad is an advertising message. Sometimes an advertisement has one message and sometimes has a few messages. When an advertisement has an advertising message, usually it leads all the audience’s questions and targets to the answer which is the message of the advertisement.

But when your video ad has multiple messages, you need to measure the nature of the messages and apply creative strategies and scenarios for introducing messages into the advertisement. In video ad production, choosing the ad format is also important. Ad format refers to the selection of the melody and dubbing and ad style, which are part of the strategy. There are various templates (ad formats) for video ad production based on the type of product, the history, and approach of the advertiser company and the advertising message.

Some video ads have a specific ad format (short ads), and some video ads have several related formats (long ads). The most popular formats of video ad production can be fictional, dramatic, authentic, comedy, and humorous and more.

All of the above should be considered important when you produce a TV ad. But the most important factor is creativity. A clever advertiser selects his goal well, identifies his audience correctly, and then hit the target! Hitting the target requires the right selection of messages and correct displaying of successful video ad due to the type of product and audience. Generally, video ads are displayed in a small area to get feedback before the original release.

The Features of Successful Video Ads Video Marketing

The Features of Successful Video Ads Video Marketing

After fixing the possible problems, the advertisement will be ready for the main display and will eventually be released after purchasing the display space.

The Features of Successful Video Ads

As a business manager, you should never forget that there is a lot of competition in the marketplace. In this highly competitive market, a brand is successful if it is able to convey better messages to audiences.

Video ads should be produced in a strong and professional way, which is considered as an advertising advantage for the company.

The main features of a successful video ad:

  • Using conceptual and creative ideas
  • Using appearance charm
  • Using appropriate speed to convey the message
  • Producing video ad based on the audience’s needs, not the client’s tastes

The Uses of Video Ads

You can use your own video ads anywhere, and introduce your brand. Below are some of the most common places for displaying video ds:

  • In mass media such as TV and radio and etc.
  • At exhibitions
  • In conferences and seminars
  • In the organization’s lounge and restrooms
  • In public and specialized visual media for advertising purposes
  • Between home movies and series on TV
  • Video production to provide an organization performance report
  • On city-level monitors
  • In hotels and halls
  • Educational purposes
  • On social networks
  • On video sharing websites
  • On the company website

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