video and internet marketing

In this article, we are going to talk about the impact of video on internet marketing. The history of using video for advertising goes back many years ago.  Today, most businesses are developing promotional and educational videos to expand their business; because the impact of video on the Internet marketing has been proven to everybody.

Using videos can:

  • Show the services we provide
  • Introduce our products to our audience
  • Introduce our brand to viewers (branding)


Video Marketing

Video marketing can be used to increase the audience and the sell volume of a website. Video marketing involves introducing services and products to your contacts through the teaser production.

But when video marketing plays a more important role, you know the ratio percentage of being visible and remembering a video to a picture and text on social networks is 10 to 1!

And that is something you must think about.

Video-Marketing (1)

How does the video affect my internet marketing?

A professional video can attract audiences and it will make an image of your brand in their mind. The video can capture and display you well and even better than what you are. Video up to 10x more gains viewer confidence. The video will be more memorable in the minds of the audience with respect to music and sound.

The Impact of Video in SEO

Today, videos have a huge impact on the website’s SEO. By using videos you can bring more traffic to your website, and this traffic will mean a better position on Google. By having a video of your work, you can share it on more than 20 popular video sharing websites, Over 10 social networks and also your main website. Then, wait for a huge audience flood!

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The importance of Video on Internet Marketing

  • Video has a visual attraction for viewers.
  • Increasing the potential for brand growth and promotion
  • Promoting brand identity
  • Being more accessible than other advertisements
  • One of the most targeted ads
  • It will increase your visits and traffic
  • Having the highest impact on Internet advertising
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