An advertising manager with the right choice can make a brand famous or eliminate it with a false choice. In this article, we intend to point out the importance of having an appropriate advertising manager and how does advertising management effect on businesses.

Many businesses advertise because they intend to have a brand building, increasing customers, and sales. In this regard, John Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Today you maybe hear the statement from the advertising agency! Some advertising agencies use this sentence to justify their advertising campaigns, especially when the cost of a promotional campaign is high. But note that today, with the development of knowledge and advertising science, advertising costs can be managed in the way to minimize advertising waste.

In recent years, the growth of advertising management has made remarkable progress and has become one of the most valuable debates, as this topic is taught quite distinctly as a field of study at universities.

Properly, advertising management can be beneficial for all companies and businesses, and keep them from wasting advertising costs.

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How did Advertising Come from?

If we consider ads on the wall as an advertising criterion, then humans started it from 4,000 BC.   In his book, Bhatia explains, from the 4,000 BC, on the great Indian stones, samples of advertising messages have been observed.  In China, a thousand years ago, shops chose the logo for themselves. Since ancient times, advertising has been accompanied by humans and has been a tool for the business introduction and customer growth.

But to this day, the science of advertising has not grown so much. We will continue to focus on this issue.

What Is Advertising and What does it Mean?

You need to know that there is no border for advertising that is why there are no comprehensive explanations for it.

Advertising is like creativity and love and life, as well as news, an event, and many other things.

Wilson Fletcher in his book defines advertising as follows:

“Advertising is one of the ways to communicate with potential and actual customers in marketing”.

In the past, advertising was only referred to as the introduction of a business, but today we find out that the product itself can be the sole advertiser of a brand.   Marketing teaches us that any product or service can communicate directly with customers. From packaging to catalogs, promotions, showcases, corporate color choices, brand presence locations, office locations, all these are a kind of advertising.

Advertising is much more than what we think is widespread!

Due to this extent, the importance of advertising management is very high. We want to talk more about advertising management.

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Learn more about Advertising Manager

People are the audience for advertising. In advertising, we must try to increase the effectiveness of the advertising. This will be due to the recognition of the business target market, and the right choice of promotional solutions and strategies, all of which will be optimized by the advertising manager.

Advertising manager has become so important that today there is an academic field of study, and enthusiasts of advertising management topics are choosing this exciting field. Most of the main topics listed below are checked in this field:

  • Advertising history
  • Advertising definition
  • Advertising industry
  • The role of advertising in business
  • The relationship of advertising with organizations
  • Media and its strategy
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Advertising techniques

After completion of training courses for advertising management, a graduate student is expected to design and implement a brand promotion strategy.

Who Is the Advertising Manager?

An advertising manager is responsible for introducing one brand better to his audience. In essence, an advertising manager is responsible for developing a business, implementing projects to improve it, as well as managing the ways businesses can identify their target audiences and introduce their brand. Meanwhile, the arrangement of methods (advertising strategy) should also be designed and supervised by the advertising manager.

A professional advertising manager should corporate with the sales and marketing team. In many successful companies in advertising, the advertising manager is a professional marketer who has the power to diagnose how, when, and why a method is selected for introducing a product or brand.


The Main Responsibilities of an Advertising Manager

  • Identifying brand objectives
  • Identifying the target audience
  • Planning for short and long term development
  • Market research and identification of suitable advertising positions
  • Creating ideal platforms for better brand introduction in various advertising spaces
  • Using the ultimate power of the sales and marketing team to plan for increasing customers and sales
  • Monitoring advertising ideas and how to run and display advertising

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When it comes to professional advertising, it is important that a professional advertising manager should review the advertising in order to determine any technical, social, or even functional imperfections. This is one of the most important tasks of an advertising manager, who should have full supervision of advertising as a brand advertising manager.

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