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A belief in starting an internet business is that every single marketplace in the virtual world can become an internet or online business! This belief will be successful if it is accompanied by a correct plan. This means that anyone at any job can provide their services in virtual form. But the ways to provide services in the virtual world are different. How?

If we want to categorize an online business set up in terms of scope and field, we will have three main categories for starting an online business:

  1. Creating a website for the introduction of services
  2. Creating a website and sales of products and services
  3. Setting up a service portal

Creating a Website for the Introduction of Services

In this regard, just a website will be launched to introduce the services and display the products and services that you provide.

By doing this, you can display your products and services to your customers by giving them an internet address from anywhere in the country.

In this method, customers must contact you to use the service.

selling product by creating website

Creating a Website and Sales of Products and Services

In this case, except for creating the website and introduction of services, shopping section to provide products to customers so that they can order and purchase through the product shop system.

Each customer must give the website complete information about him/herself and his/her place of residence. Also, this system has a section for managing orders and bank transactions.

Setting up Service Portal

Portal means providing a comprehensive website on a specific basis in which individuals can display their services on that website.

Now it is possible to include services for each person with an annual payment, either as a commission for that person, for the sale of any product or service. But in general, the purpose of the portal is to create a Website with a more centralized orientation for all those who work in a particular field.

crating portal for online business

Now, with the above description, start the online business with the following steps:

  • Select one of the above methods
  • List your goals from creating a website
  • Generate the text and images you want to put on the website (content creation)
  • Buying Domain and Host
  • Ordering of the web design
  • Website maintenance

Start Your Own Internet/Online Business with Us

Note that web design process and creating good and user-friendly website should be according to the users’ needs, users experience from using the website, their interests, and, above all, customer needs.

Stay with us to create and start your own Internet business.

For consulting and further information, you can contact us.

creating website for introducing your products and services

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