Email marketing is currently one of the Inbound Marketing subsets that should be used to keep in touch with customers. Email is one of the least expensive items you can use to connect with your audience. But many people think email marketing is a promotional tool and they can send emails to people who do not know them. This is the biggest mistake you can make regarding email marketing.

How to Use Email Marketing?

When it comes to email marketing, you might think first of all that you have a bank of emails and you have to email them all! This is the biggest mistake.

The statistics show that these ads respond as little as possible, and out of every 1 million emails, you can have between 1 to 3 customers. Why?


Reasons why you should not do email marketing with a purchased email database:

  • Those who receive your email do not know you, so you are an annoying one.
  • The amount of trust in the email content is very low due to the lack of recognition of the receivers.
  • They often think you want to bother them with these emails.
  • Many receivers put your emails in spam.
  • Branding on the Internet will be damaged.
  • Websites like Google and Yahoo know your website as a spammer.

Now that we understand that sending emails by email database is not worth it, maybe you’re wondering how email marketing is effective.


In answer to this question we give a short answer:

For continuous communication with target customers, you need to have users that they signed up as subscribers with their own desire and they’re eager to know about your business’ latest news. Users interested in your field of work can be your potential customers. You can stay connected with them by sending weekly or monthly emails so these potential customers become actual customers.

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A very important tip in marketing and its relevance to email marketing

Suppose you have an ad on a media like TV. When your ad is broadcast on television, a hundred thousand people will see it. In your opinion, how many people out of a hundred thousand ones need your product?

The statistics show the most optimistic 15%. Now, how many people out of 15% need services or products and are encouraged to buy from you? Approximately 10%.

Therefore, you find that your ad can have 1.5% feedback and 98.5% of your ad cost is wasted. How can this loss be prevented? You can avoid this by continuously communicating through a cheaper medium such as email.

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How to Do Email Marketing?

  • Join one of the bulk mailing sites like Mailchimp and create a free account.
  • Add a Newsletter section to your website via the plugin or code that gives you.
  • By giving special offers, such as downloading free books, getting discount coupons, and more invite visitors to the site to join the newsletter.
  • Send them weekly emails get them to know about the process of business.

We tried to summarize how to use email marketing.

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