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If you are one of those businesses that your business will be shut down on holidays or weekends, you need to look for a smart thought to update or change your business strategy! Many of your competitors not only have plans for holidays but also for the nights.

An organization or a small business strategy is like a constitution.  It’s better to give examples in this way that the strategy is like our habits and beliefs in life. There is always unconscious persistence to change habits or beliefs. That is why it’s hard to change them.

The future is for changers!

With the rapid advancement of science and technology, and due to the progression proliferation of science in these years and the predictions, in the next few years, human science will double in every 72 hours!

What should be done when such changes are taking place and everything is rapidly upgrading?

You need to believe that you can progress and keep up-to-date with world science by relying on the rich culture and applying it into the business.

One of the first books I read and liked so much was The Art of War by Sun Tzu. This book teaches the common methods in the war and the mystery of victory in it. Sun Tzu described that you can apply these methods in your business to compete with your competitors. To change, we must change our look to the bright future with regard to knowledge and experience (especially native knowledge and experience) so that the future belongs to us.

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Updating Business Strategy

Changing is not so easy! When you want to make a change, you will face severe persistence. But where is the starting point?! Simply put, where should we start changing?

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Stage 1: Starting Point

A British archbishop said, ‘when I was young, I wanted to change the world. But I could not send my message to the whole world and apply my thoughts on people around the world. Then, I lowered the range, I decided to change my continent, but I could not. I wanted to change my country, did not happen, and I lowered the range to the city, region, and neighborhood, but again I did not reach my goal. I even wanted to change my family. But I could not change anybody. Now that I’m in my last moments, I know that if I firstly started from myself, perhaps I had changed the whole world with my own attitude.’

 Regarding the above, we find that the change must occur from the business foundation (which is generally the main manager). Unless you yourself do not want to change and you do not choose the right way, make sure your business will not develop.

Therefore, the starting point of change begins with management. Management should be a starting point for a big change; like a stone thrown in the middle of a slow pond and causes contiguous waves.

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Step 2: Draw a Roadmap

The strategy is the same as the roadmap you draw to succeed. Suppose you want to climb a mountain. If you want to do this without a map, it is considered as an easy task. When you stand at the bottom of the mountain, you see an easy path to the peak which you can think you can reach the mountain peaks within a few hours. But when you start to climb, you see the difficulties, dangers, problems, risks, and so on.

What if you want to climb a mountain with a complete and accurate roadmap?

If you have a good roadmap:

  • Do all the predictions needed to deal with natural obstacles.
  • Do all the predictions due to your path and force.
  • Setting schedule: when to stop and when to move
  • The equipment you need
  • Wearing suitable clothes according to the length of the path and the conditions
  • And more

In business, this is as well. If you see your competitors’ success, you do not have one of the three main factors:

  • You do not have a roadmap.
  • You do not have the right road map.
  • You do not have a flexible roadmap.

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Step 3: Changing Procedures and Rules

Many of the procedures are wrong. For example, eating fruit after lunch or dinner! Fruits and their vitamins need to be eaten before eating the main meal for better absorption. Suppose this is the only thing you intend to change. What challenges do you face? The same is the case for changing the wrong procedures repeatedly. You should have an algorithm to change any procedure that eliminates the negative points of the procedure and creates positive points. This algorithm should be flexible (for future updates).

Firstly, when a law is legislated to enforce, it certainly comes with shortcomings that appear during the work. The same rules apply to our business. We should legislate or enact rules that have the ability to update and change. Of course, all changes should be made in order to improve the quality level of operations.

Stage 4: Supervision and Management

A manager is like traffic police at his workplace. He ought to monitor the performance of his staff and his organization. So that the laws are enforced correctly and, of course, deal with the offenders. If you ignore the supervision, be sure no more new updates! Because if there is no supervision, there is no understanding of the problems caused by previous updates. Business management and updating can be achieved through simple surveys of employees and customers.

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When we talk about the result, we want to explain the ultimate goal, but according to our experience, always science and technology have shown that the results can be changed every day. Maybe today 2 plus 2 equals 4, but tomorrow this law will be changed!

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