Website Analysis Services to Check and Optimize Your Websites SEO

Website analysis is a prerequisite for a powerful presence among online businesses. There may be fewer companies that are not thinking about their competitors, their growth and profit in the Internet world, and how they work in this type of business. Therefore, it is better to analyze website before competitors analysis.

What Is Website Analysis seo services in los angeles

What Is Website Analysis seo services in los angeles

What Is Website Analysis?

Website analysis can be considered as a vital step in the process of optimizing the Internet and online businesses. The analysis shows the website’s ability to compare with similar websites. In other words, search engines consider ranks for websites that are based on observing algorithms and specified parameters. Therefore, websites, after a while, requires a detailed review of their status. Website analysis has always been a challenging issue for many website owners.

What should you consider in site analysis?

  • Keyword position
  • Landing page optimization (based on keyword)
  • keyword recommender
  • Keyword Density
  • Rewrite text
  • Detect copied content
  • Build Sitemap
  • Build Robots.txt file
  • Create a meta tag
  • Meta Tag analyzer
  • Link Analyzer
  • Loading page speed
  • Website size
  • Broken Links
  • Alexa Rank
  • Check Moz ranking
  • Neighborhood websites
  • Email security
  • Most-visited pages
  • Detect errors of the pages
  • Create tags
  • Alt Image
  • Check website codes

What should you consider in seo analysis

But most importantly, your website should be analyzed regarding the following points:

Website analysis is done in 5 sections, which include domain, traffic, web pages, link structure, and diagnostic section. Below is a review of each of these sections:


The purpose of analyzing the domain is to obtain information about the domain strength as well as its global rank. In the domain study, attention should be paid to such things as internal and external links as well as the loading speed of the web pages.

Web Traffic 

Website traffic means the number of users who visit the website, and because the increase of targeted traffic to the website is necessary for its success, the most important part of analyzing the website is the analysis of the traffic segment. Therefore, if you are looking for upgrading your website, you should check your website traffic, checking the website traffic shows which pages have more visitors and which pages need to be improved.

seo service analyzing your website

Internal Pages 

In this section, each page of the site is examined separately. In Internal Pages Analysis, you must consider the quality and quantity of the content, the focal keyword, the tags, the internal and external links, the validity of the page codes, etc.

Analyzing of Internal and External Links

The structure of the site’s internal and external links, as well as their quality and quantity, is one of the most important factors in promoting the website. By checking the link structure, you can obtain information from the internal and external stream of the website. In this section, you have to find spam and malicious links to remove them.

General Analysis

In this part, you can find general information about the on-page and off-page SEO. Detect errors that affect SEO. This section facilitates website optimization.

Services by Advotisa best seo services in california

Services by Advotisa best seo services in california

Website Analysis Services by Advotisa

Advotisa’s SEO team can be a guidance for you in the website’s SEO section as well as an analyzer of the ascending and descending procedure of your website. Professional website analysis is our daily profession. We analyze your website with the latest solutions in the world and provide the best and most cost-effective, and most importantly, fastest ones.


Today, although web design is an inseparable part of successful online businesses, after web design, the most important and critical issue for maintaining a website on the Internet is the attention paid to the website’s SEO Because, no matter how good your website is in quality, it should first be visible. The website’s SEO helps you to keep your website from drowning in the vast volume of websites on the internet. As you know, the ultimate goal of online businesses and any business is to achieve more sales. This important issue will be achieved with Internet marketing or digital marketing in an environment like the Internet.

The SEO process actually allows websites to rank on Google’s first list, which will attract more customers and boost sales.

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