What Are the most Hated Digital Ads from the Users Point of View in 2019

Reaching an ROI higher than digital advertising is the main purpose of brands and advertising agencies. If you were an advertiser, it doesn’t matter if your ad campaign is a video or a banner ad. What is most important to you is the optimal use of your advertising budget and the high return on invested capital. Therefore, you should always follow the results of research on a variety of advertising formats to identify the methods that lead to higher or lower ROIs. Then, you can choose the type of ad campaign that functions best according to the user experience. You should always avoid ads that harass the user because ads that are not attractive to the user and damage their user experience will not work at all. In this paper, you will be familiar with the most hated and worst digital ads in 2019. Here are their features and examples.

Introduction to hated digital advertising that annoys the user

Based on the research of NNG (Nielsen Norman Group), Pop-up advertising is one of the most hated digital ads. Pop-up ads are video ads that appear automatically without user request. Deceptive links and intra-content ads (ads that represent between contents) are popular formats of hated ads from desktop users’ point of view. Conversely, related links and ads in the right corner (sidebar ads) are less annoying to the user experience. In mobile advertising, pop-ups are still the most hated ads for mobile users.

hated digital advertising that annoys the mobile user

hated digital advertising that annoys the mobile user

Mobile users are eager to watch their video content instantly. Intracontent ads are usually shown while displaying content, which can annoy the user. Because the mobile user is always in a hurry and wants to see the content immediately and without delay. If you advertise to such a user before or during the original content, you may have harmed the user experience of your website or app.

Intracontent ads, pre-videos, Deceptive links, and pop-ups are more hateful. Sponsored social media advertising and related advertising links or identical ads are the best types of mobile advertising for users. Because these types of ads, unlike other ways, do not disturb the user. Therefore, these two promotional formats are likely to have a higher rate of return on capital.

the most Hated Digital Ads

the most Hated Digital Ads

Wrapping up this part

In general, pop-up or modal ads, intra-content ads and automated video ads are some of the most hated digital ads. It should be noted that ads that are considered annoying on the desktop are unbearable on mobile.

While some ad formats are more annoying than others, it is not true to completely abandon a particular type of ad. Because people have different tastes and each format doesn’t have the same effect on people. The best thing is to integrate different ad campaigns in different formats together. The advantage of this method is to cover different people’s tastes.

But some ad formats, such as pop-ups, have been hated for more than a decade now, and they should no longer be used and replaced with other formats that have less damage to the user experience. To get the best results and higher ROI rates, it is best to run your campaigns in a consistent manner so as not to directly harm the user experience and disturb the user.

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